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Friends with Benefits (M/F)

An evening of sexual tension between friends.

It had been a couple weeks since they had last seen each other due to their schedules but that just made them want each other more. The last couple days their conversations had gotten just that little bit dirtier anticipating seeing each other this weekend. On his way to her place he gave her a choice to go out and do something or for him to tie her down as soon as he got there and have his way with her. She wasn’t sure that she could be patient though, she didn’t just want to feel his thick cock inside her, she NEEDED to have it inside her.

When he arrived she looked in his eyes and knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him in that moment. She took his hand and led him up the stairs to her bedroom, he pulled her in close, kissed her hard and deep. She was on her tip toes to lessen some of the height difference between them, even though she was weak in the knees. she ran his hands over her body as he squeezed her ass and pulled her closer. Slowly he pulled her top over her head, grabbed her large breasts and bent down to take her taut nipple in his mouth. He started to suck and flick it with his tongue, nibbling on it to give her that little bit of pain that he knew she loved. He slid her shorts down her legs and lowered her to the bed, he got on the bed next to her and let his hands explore her body. When he reached her already dripping pussy, he slid his fingers in slow and deep.

He needed to taste her, it had been far too long, he alternated between slipping his fingers in and out and teasing her clit with his tongue and mouth. She couldn’t hold back anymore and the first orgasm hit her like a tidal wave .

Once he brought her over that edge again slowly slid his tongue up the length of her body until he reached her lips. She loved tasting herself on his lips and beard. He started to caress her thighs and lifted her legs onto his shoulders, as she felt his rock hard cock sliding into her still pulsing pussy. He rocked slowly at first and she could feel every inch of him with each thrust, she loved the way his cock filled her completely. He started to thrust harder and deeper, watching her bite her lip to suppress screaming out so her roommate didn’t hear them. He would alternate speeds and when he fucked her slow her would grab onto her firm tits and squeeze them hard, knowing from the moans that escaped her that it wasn’t too hard. As he fucked her, she would run her hands up and down his arms, shoulders and back, she loved to feel the ripple of his muscles as they tensed up while pounding into her.

Woman in lingerie bend over a chair on flowered carpet

Not wanting to cum yet, he flipped her over to take her from behind. They both loved it and it gave him full access to her full round ass. As he drove into her deep and hard, she pushed back into him to feel him even deeper. He grabbed her long hair that she had left loose for a change and pulled her closer, licking his way up her back to her neck to suck and kiss. He could be gentle with her but he also knew that she liked a bit of roughness, some pain with her pleasure and reached back and smacked her ass hard. He continued to smack both cheeks and kiss them after where he could see the handprints he left on her skin. The sting of his hands on her ass turned her on even more. He started to run his tongue across her body and ass sending shivers through her. He then spread her open and heard her sigh with pleasure as he started to eat her ass.

The sensations that ran through her as he flicked his tongue over her asshole and bit her ass were almost more than she could handle. Rubbing her clit with a free hand and bringing her to the edge again, her thrust into her once more harder and deeper than he ever had before. He was worried that he was too rough with her but when she pushed back into him to take him even deeper he knew that she could probably take even more. He continued to pound her hard switching positions again until he had his release and slowly slid his cock out of her, watching his cum leaking out of her tight pussy.

They laid there for a bit both trying to catch their breathe. He wondered if he should have just tied her up but knew there was always next time and that when he does he will do everything he has fantasized about and won’t stop until she begs him to.

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