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AN EROTIC STORY - Valentines Day -

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

In this erotic story, a young woman is inspired by the scent of her boyfriends cologne and a rather unexpected Valentine’s Day celebration. Read on…

When you are in a relationship on Valentine’s Day you get a ton of possibilities. Everywhere are sales and special offers for couples. You go out with your partner and get flowers and give cute little gifts, in the evening you go out to eat a fancy dinner and then? Then you return home where the love happens. No wonder so many children are born in November. This is exactly what this is about, how my partner impregnated me while making sweet, sweet love to me on valentine’s day.

It started like every other day going to work, then going home to get ready before we meet at this nice and fancy restaurant that we had meant to go to for a while. We had the most amazing dinner ever and after that, we went for a walk in our local park before we headed home to watch a movie. We cuddled up on the sofa and put on one of those cliché romance comedy movies and it wasn’t that bad. In fact, we started more and more focusing on each other, hands touching, my head on his shoulder. All I had to do was lean up and gently place my lips on his neck and that’s what I did, in response he glanced at me and leaned his head to the side, his hand that was holding me now gently resting on my waist. Then we leaned into each other lips touching gently as we kissed. I could smell his scent, that he had this amazing cologne on he only used on special days. I could hear him breathing gently and calmly and I imagine I can hear his heartbeat, the comforting sound of the usual bump his heart makes.

We stay like this for a while, cuddled up kissing watching the movie then kissing again while he gently strokes my waist sometimes, I can feel his fingers close to the edge of my panties, sometimes on the side of my bra but it’s almost as if it’s by accident because his fingers disappear again just as fast.

The movie ends but we don’t notice to into our own actions and tracks as the kisses get more and more intense, one hand is now under his shirt while the other is gently holding him his hand had crawled under my shirt as well, and eventually just taken it off as if it wasn’t for any use, shortly after I was sitting on his laps we both just our underwear on and caught up into each other’s love. I could feel his bulge rubbing against me. My panties already soaking by just the thought of what was about to happen and at that point, I can’t hold back anymore. I gently let myself slide down between his legs and pull his boxers down with me, his boner jumps straight out and against my lips. I smile at the view; I love seeing him so excited for me to please him. I kiss his tip and can already taste the salty precum on my lips, I lick them before I put my lips around his tip once more this time giving it a gentle lick and suck hearing him gasp was my cue and I let myself sink down, letting him enter my mouth while my tongue tasted every inch of his beautiful member. Making sure everything was all nice and wet I started to move my head up and down while sucking, my hand soon adding to it as I got a nice rhythm in. Sloppy noise paired up with his moans as I could feel him getting harder and tense, was he already close? But I just started. This only got me fired up more I wanted to make him cum into my mouth, as I am not on any type of birth control, and we normally just use condoms this was the last thing I could make him cum into.

But apparently, he had other plans. With a swift movement, he pulled me up and threw me on the couch before pulling my panties off and diving down between my legs. I could feel his breath against my lips, his slight beard tickling my tights and then there was his tongue that made slow lowing movements up and down my slit tasting me as you would do with a good dessert. I could feel him starting to focus more on my clit which he normally did right before he made his fingers pleasure me. But this time there were no fingers. Just his tongue that got more eager and I couldn’t hold back my moans. If it was that evening that made it so special, the new technique he had or the fact that I was just intensely horny I don’t know but it felt amazing, better than usual. I closed my eyes and let myself go as he pleasures me; I can hear myself moan and gasp in between slight shakes of pleasure. Then I feel it. His member enters me deeply and all at once, I gasp and move to hold around him as he gently moves his member in and out of me and we start kissing again, moaning gasping, and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s lips.

My nails gently held onto his back showing signs of our loving events. The rhythm speeds up and our breath starts to collide, both getting closer to the edge as we both live in this beautiful moment. We take a moment to pose and look each other in the eyes, why we are doing this? I don’t know, it feels right, it feels like this is the ultimate way we are bonding. Our lips touch again the rhythm slower more loving in a way we haven’t done it before, but just as intense. We kiss, we feel each other, holding each other tightly as our bodies move in the same rhythm just like a wave of water. Our breathing becomes stronger again, my nails dig a little deeper and I can feel his juices entering me. My mind was hazy I as cum as well, not even thinking about the fact that he just released inside of me without a condom. It takes a while for us with a lot of cuddling and kissing to calm down and look at each other before we both realize the mistake we had done. We say nothing, just staring at each other searching for some kind of panic in the other eyes. There is none. Instead, there is something like joy in his eyes and I can feel it build up in me as well. This is fine. We both want this. He leans down and kisses me again and almost as if we want to make sure things work out now, we settle in for a second round.

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