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Five Things that are INFINITELY More Fun with a Butt Plug In!!!

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Enjoy this light hearted read on butt plugs, & spicing up your daily to do's.

Let's start with the obvious...

Number One - Sex!!!

SEX!!! Partnered or solo - adding a butt plug, big or small - can add a multitude of new sensations. For vagina havers, wearing a plug may make you feel extra tight - which your partner may enjoy! For those with a prostate - the plug will stimulate you with every thrust. Don’t forget as always with butt stuff - start small, go slow, listen to your body & practice good sex hygiene practices by cleaning your sex toys after use.

Number Two - Errands

Grocery Shopping - going to stock up on fruit & veggies has never been this fun! Wear a partner controlled plug for an extra ZINGGG in the dairy aisle. Shopping solo but still want to get in on the butt stuff? Try out a Satisfyer Back Door Lover and enjoy the sensations when you bend to get things on the lower shelves. The challenge is keeping a straight face ;)

"Butt Plugs are the only jewelry a woman needs - some man somewhere probably"

Number Three - Exercise

Yoga - you think your pigeon pose feels deep now? Wait till you’re dropping in with a plug! Downward dog has never felt so scandalous as when you have a Booty Sparks Red Rose Anal Plug adorning your adorable ass!

*Fun fact! Upping your erotic energy will draw more of what you want to you! Use this sexy confident energy flow over to help you manifest your goals & dreams.

Number Four - Chores

Housework. Necessary - yes? Fun - not so much. Throw in a vibrating (or reg) plug, throw on some music, sultry lingerie and have a good old fashioned dance party while you clean - embrace both your inner adult & child here by delighting yourself with this sexy (maybe secret) ritual of play, dance and pleasure.

Number Five - Love Life

Getting ready for a date. Let your partner up the anticipation by enjoying some plug play pre date. Just try & make it out the door on time for reservations when you’ve got Snap-On Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug & 3 Tails w/ Remote Control vibing against your prostate or pussy walls.

Go Forth & PLUG

Now that we’ve given you some inspiration - let us know in the comments or on social media which one you try!


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