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Face-sitting: Her Pleasure Only

In a D/s dynamic such as a FLR, face-sitting is often a favorite kink for both partners and for good reason. While the act in and of itself, already has D/s undertones because she is on top, and he is in his place beneath her, it's really all about her attitude. When she commands her sub with confidence, and mounts his face with no thought of reciprocation, face-sitting becomes very erotic. It bring both of their attention onto her pleasure, and only her pleasure.

Face-sitting in combination with male chastity has even more benefits, as she gets to watch him strain while his focus is entirely on her. She can maneuver herself into position that enables him to reach all her sweet spots. However, it can get uncomfortable for her quickly, since she's doing all the work and she has to constantly worry about allowing him to breath properly. Face-sitting becomes a lot easier and better for her, when a queening chair is used.

Queening chairs are highly underrated devices that come in extremely handy in a FLR. It's the perfect face-sitting companion, and it makes frequent and regular face-sitting desirable. His head goes under the chair, and she can sit comfortably and adjust the height so that he can still breath while having full access to her. He can now focus on her pleasure uninterrupted, and she can totally relax and allow his tongue to bring her to the best orgasms.

She can direct him in every way, and she can also shift her body to allow him access to her ass, if that's what she wants! With a queening chair, it makes it very clear, that it's about her pleasure only, many even come with handcuffs so that he is unable to control any part of the experience. His face literally becomes her throne, for as long as she wishes. It doesn't take her long to become addicted to face-sitting. The queening chair makes the perfect device for training him to become the best at orally servicing her that he can be.

He will be in heaven, lost in her scent and taste, unable to satisfy his own urges, her pleasure will become his pleasure. Her orgasms will be felt through his tongue, and they'll be powerful enough for both of them. She cums for both, and that makes his frustration worth enduring, and she'll cum as he leaks in his cage, feeling his frustration be expressed through his eager to please tongue. He will grow to appreciate her orgasms and eager to give her them.

Face-sitting puts him in his place, and reminds him who he belongs to and serves. It's one of the most intimate kinks, but also one of the most enjoyable.

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