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Face Sitting is a Primal Want - Sit Your Pussy (or ass) Down & Let Your Partner Feast

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Face-sitting - every woman I know has been asked to do it, and some men too! So what’s the hype - why is this such an attractive act to men (and some women)?

As someone who loves giving head, personally I get it. There’s nothing hotter than being totally immersed in someone’s scent, their taste, their noises, ALL OF IT.

girl with ice cream by her vagina
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But as my friends keep reminding me my opinion isn’t the only one that matters (weird I know). So I took to the wild west of my Instagram, Snapchat & Reddit. I asked many, many, many men their thoughts and feelings on face-sitting - why do they love it, and why do they ask for it on a regular basis.

Here are some of the responses I received

  • Face-sitting & face-straddling are different. Make sure you know which one your partner wants.

  • Some men want to enjoy/savour the smothered feeling

  • Others want to be ‘forced’ to eat pussy (and sometimes ass)


However there is one response that stands out - simply because every single man I spoke with said the same thing.

SIT YOUR ASS DOWN. We’re grown, we know how to tell you when we need air, or when we want to change position - Men on the internet

Several men I spoke with said they had partners in the past who expressed hesitation to sit on their faces, stating that they were “too big” “too thick” or “too heavy” - my beautiful full bodied friends - EVERY SINGLE ONE of these men said that they loved their partners thickness, their curves, stretch marks, smells, tastes and sounds.

So friends, how does one go about comfortably sitting on another human's face?

Seems a touch awkward in the beginning, but once again this is where communication and honesty between yourself and your partner(s) comes in handy. If you’re nervous about trying something new - as always TALK about it first! Be clear and honest in your desires, hesitations and hard limits. If smothering is a genuine concern for you, establish a type of movement your partner can make when they are ready for air, such as a clear tap (or multiple taps).

As for positioning - I prefer that my partner lay on their back, on the bed. This way I can shimmy my way up their body leaving kisses, licks and hopefully a bit of a make out before I “take my seat.” Facing the headboard has always been what works best for me - not only do I have something to hold on to, or rest on between orgasms - it also gives me leverage to stand/lift myself off my partner quickly should they give me our pre-agreed upon signal that it's time for air.

** Please note that I framed this blog post in heterosexual encounters. That being said -the basics hold up in a wide array of sexual combinations. Communication, honesty and

some trust are virtually always key elements to a fantastic sexual experience. So feel free to take what works for you, and leave what doesn’t!

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