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The Good Girl Part 2 (Sex Toy Orgasms with a Domme)

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

A Lesbian Domme takes her lover on a sex toy fueled night of orgasms, with a strap-on dildo.

Alice was still trembling when Cynthia opened her bedroom door, leading Alice in like the good little girl she'd become, and flipped on the lights.

Cynthia's bedroom was exactly how she'd imagined it, full of dark reds and blacks. A large king-sized bed sat in the middle, with an oak headboard, surrounded by astrology-themed wall hangings, tapestries, and works of art. A burgundy comforter sat upon the bed, as well as many overstuffed pillows. On the wall next to the bed sat a rack full of hooks, each one holding a sextoy or implement to be used during sex. It was obvious that this was the room of a Domme, and one that likely entertained often.

"On the bed, sweetie. Face the headboard, and let Mommy get a proper look at you."

Cynthia's voice was cool and calm, yet carried with it unmistakable power and commanding presence. Alice couldn't imagine not obeying as she dutifully climbed onto her new mistress' bed, put her hands in front of her, and put her head down to the mattress, displaying herself in full.

Cynthia clicked her tongue as she walked around the edge of the mattress, her eyes drinking in every creamy inch of her new girls flesh. She loved what she saw. She was smooth and delicate, from her silky hair to her dainty fingers, all the way to her narrow hips, rounded ass, and toned legs. Ever her toes were adorable!

She got up behind her and placed her hands on her ass cheeks, pulling them gently apart and inspecting what she found between them. As she expected, Alice's little asshole was puckered and pink and cute, and her pussy beneath it was a work of art. Perfectly shaped lips, deliciously fragrant and aroused, topped with a delightful little pleasure button that was already swollen and peeking from its Hood after her last encounter in the living room. Cynthia was practically dripping as she looked at her new prize, and knew exactly what she needed next.

"Alice, tell Mommy what has always been so disappointing about sex with men. Tell me about how they've treated you, and how they've treated your body."

Alice could hear her new mistress moving behind her, doing something she knew she shouldn't spy on.

"It's always just been…so…mechanical. They've always seemed so robotic, and forceful. They care about how fast they can get their cock inside me, and then how fast they can use it. They go until they are satisfied, with no thought to whether it even feels good for me. Some of them come too quick. Some seem to have trouble coming at all. And when it's over, it feels like all they're interested in is getting their clothes and leaving as fast as they can. It makes me feel cheap and used."

"Yes, young men can be that way," Cynthia replied smoothly, commiserating with her younger, vulnerable submissive. " always with a one-track mind, until they reach their destination, and then their interest disappears entirely. It's so unfortunate, because women have so, so much more to give than most men your age are willing to take on…but I don't believe you'll have any of those problems with me."

As she spoke, Alice heard the sound of buckles and velcro. She heard the sound of something heavy being lifted from the rack, and the sound of leather and vinyl sliding up smooth flesh. She trembled at the thought of what she might be in store for when she was finally allowed to see what her Mistress was up to.

"Lift your head, and face me," came Cynthia's voice.

Alice lifted her head, and turned to see her mistress, standing at the side of the bed, with her hands on her hips. What she saw made her gasp, and her pussy flood involuntarily.

Cynthia stood there, all nearly six feet of her, with her hands on her hips. Her dress lay crumpled on the floor, and her large breasts stood out proudly, her nipples erect and hard in the cool air. Alice's eyes trained themselves on those gorgeous, womanly shapes, before drifting downward to see what was truly in store for her.

Around Cynthia's waist was a black leather harness, and on that harness was mounted a large, black, silicone cock. It was nearly as long as her forearm, and as thick as her wrist. It frightened her, but she found it equally arousing, knowing that it would be the largest thing she had ever taken in her life.

Cynthia approached her, and gently guided her head forward by her hair.

"Suck Mommy's cock, sweetie. Get Mommy nice and wet."

Alice took the cock in her hand, sliding her mouth up and down the surface as she stroked it and fondled it as though it were real. Cynthia began to moan as though she could feel every sensation, and it made Alice only more enthusiastic as she pushed her saliva out onto the shaft, getting it wetter and wetter with each descent down its length. She couldn't quite take the entire thing, but Cynthia seemed to love the gagging sounds she made when she tried, and all she could think about was pleasing her mommy.

Finally, when she had finished a particularly long, throaty gag, and the cock was soaking wet, Cynthia moved behind her, positioning herself between Alice's cheeks, and aiming the head of the cock for her tender, pink, dripping pussy. She reached forward, gripping Alice's hair and one hand and pulling her back into an exaggerated arch.

"Breathe deep. Let Mommy give you what you need," whispered Cynthia.

"Yes Mommy. Anything for you," breathed Alice, her body trembling with anticipation.

With that, Cynthia moved her hips forward, sliding her cock into Alice's gorgeous little slit, opening her up inch by inch. Alice gasped at the size and girth, but the tension of that stretch was also accompanied by incredible pleasure, and she felt involuntary tears well up in her eyes as the sheer intensity of what was happening overwhelmed her.

In a slow, deliberate rhythm, Cynthia began moving her hips back and forth, impaling Alice with more and more of that cock as she held her and controlled her by her hair. Moans and grunts seemed to fall from Alice's mouth without any control, and soon Cynthia's rhythm begin to pick up speed, bottoming in and out of her new slave with delicious, wet, smacking sounds.

It wasn't like a man. It wasn't mechanical or like a jackhammer without any thought for her or what she needed. It was smooth, sensual, but firm and intense, the exact combination she never knew she needed. Every inch of her was filled, and that cock was hitting places she didn't know she had, and bringing her pleasure she never knew she could experience. Has the pace picked up, Cynthia's excitement began to ratchet higher. She smacked her ass, letting the stinging sound ring throughout the walls, and whispered in her ear.

"It's so much better, isn't it princess? So much more of what you need. So much more than you ever thought you could have. I won't get tired. I won't come too early. In fact, I'm not stopping until you're so exhausted you can't keep yourself upright any longer."

At these words, Alice felt herself pushed over the edge, and a glorious, pulsing orgasm overtook her period

"Ohhhh fuck! Oh my God! Mommy! Mommy mommy mommy! I can't stop! It feels so Ooooh fucking good!"

Cynthia grin as she felt her sub trembling her way through her first of what would be many orgasms on the other end of her cock, and it just spurred her on to fuck harder, more deliberately, focusing on the spots she needed to hit to keep her exploding with pleasure.

Cynthia's pussy was absolutely dripping, and the base of that harness was rubbing deliciously on her clit as her cock plunged in and out of her little toy's perfect pussy. Has Alice came down from her first orgasm, Cynthia slowed her pace, rotating her hips to give her a moment to readjust, and then pulled off of her, flipping her onto her back, and putting her legs up on her shoulders. She moved a pillow under Alice's ass, propping her up so the angles worked perfectly, and slid back inside. The natural upward curve of the cock rubbed directly into her g-spot, and Alice was immediately wracked with pleasure again.

"Oh my god. Oh SHIT. What are you doing? How are you? What are you? Oh…oh.."

Cynthia clasp the hand over her mouth, her hips still pumping in and out of her.

"Shhh. Play with your clit. Rub your pussy. Do it. Now. While Mommy fucks you."

Alice's hand flew to her pussy, and began to rub her clit like a blur, as fast as she could as that cock plunged in and out of her hole. With Cynthia's hand still covering her mouth, her eyes rolled back and another blisteringly intense orgasm overwhelmed her. A deep, guttural moan muffled by Cynthia as she kept her hand over her mouth, and she punished that perfect pussy again and again.

Cynthia's own pussy was absolutely dripping as she watched her slut, again and again, and she knew how she wanted to finish.

As Alice came down from her second orgasm, Cynthia unhooked the dildo, and removed her hand from Alice's mouth, replacing it with the cock that had just been in her pussy.

"Taste your juices, slut. Taste what mommy did to you. Taste so much you love Mommy's cock."

Ask Alice did what she was told, Cynthia quickly stood, slipping the harness off, and rejoining Alice on the bed before moving her legs into a scissoring position, she pushed her own dripping wet pussy against Alice's, and began to grind against her, her clit rubbing into the younger girl's, their juices intermingling as Alice let out a fresh moan of pleasure. Cynthia mounted her, nearly on top of her as her pussy dominated Alice's, the older woman finally focusing on what she wanted and what she needed as she watched her slut suck the cock that had just been inside her, her eyebrows furrowing and the noises she made rising in pitch as she felt yet another orgasm arriving.

"One more, slut. One more for Mommy. Let yourself explode one more time. That's it. Cum with mommy. Cum while my pussy takes yours. Cum while out nectar intertwines. Cum with me now. NOW. NOW!"

The two women exploded together, Cynthia's teeth gritting as she let out a growl of utter lust, her hips bucking and pounding and grinding as hard as they could at the younger college aged submissive beneath her. Alice let out a scream as she pulled the cock from her mouth, and balled her fists has she gripped the comforter with white knuckles, her legs and voluntarily shaking as the most powerful wave of pleasure she'd ever felt crashed over her again and again and again.

Their shared orgasms seem to go on forever, time stood still. Nothing else mattered. All either of them could feel was sheer physical bliss.

When they finally came down together, Alice lay, completely helpless, in a heap on Cynthia's bed. Cynthia lay down beside her, knowing the toll that a first time like this can take on a girl who's not experienced or ready for it, and began to gently stroke her hair before planting gentle kisses on her forehead.

"Such a good girl. Mommy's good little slut. You have no idea how much more is in store for you."

Cynthia lay her head down and tucked Alice's into her neck, and the two drifted off to sleep together.


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