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Late-night walks with a Remote-Controlled Sex Toy (MF)

Want to Add Thrills to Your Outdoor Walks? Here's How! With Sex Toys!

I walked on a small path in my local park. It was already night outside and the only thing that was hiding my naked body from the cold night air was a large coat that I had wrapped around myself and held shut tightly. My partner for this little adventure walked beside me, trying to do some small talk every now and then, but then as I tried to answer I could hear the quiet click and my body started to shiver and break out in cold sweat. The small vibrator between my legs that was hugging the inside of my hole and on my pearl of lust sent out strong sensational vibrations that made a mess of my head and I needed all my strength to even stand up properly and not to moan out in pleasure. The click that I heard was a remote control that he simply used to tease me. It would have been much easier for him to simply use his phone and send me strong vibrations without even making a sound, but he liked the click because it caught my attention, and I couldn't think of anything else but the pleasure that was about to ensue.

sexy woman in trench coat and thigh highs only, walkin in a park

So here we are in the city park walking around in nothing more than a coat, a vibrator inside of me, and nipple clamps on my nipples. Between my legs it’s a complete mess. My juices are practically dripping out of me, trying to hold back one orgasm after the other but failing again and again.

I see my adventurous partner pull out his phone and that’s when I knew that things are getting real. He probably couldn't hold back either by now. He gives me a slight grin before I can feel the vibrator give its characteristic vibration letting me know that his phone is now connected. We walk further into the three-covered path finding a rather dark and hidden away spot.

I leaned against a tree as the vibrations between my legs got stronger and stronger. My hand covered my mouth so that I wouldn’t moan out too loud and grab the attention of someone maybe walking by. As I wasn’t clenching my coat shut anymore it of course ended up opening slightly revealing my perky chest with the cute little nipple clamps, further, my nude pussy was now getting hit by the slightly cold breeze. Even if I had wanted to I couldn’t cover myself. The orgasm approached quickly by the sex toy between my legs, and through my half-parted eyes, I saw the male that was doing this to me grinning, moving his thumb up and down the touch screen of his phone sending the vibrator into a devilish rhythm that made my legs shake and hard to stand, all while he was stroking his big member

Precum was dripping from him as I came down from my orgasm falling onto my knees and trying to catch my breath. I noticed that he walked over and soon he was right in front of me, his pink tip making it crystal clear what he wanted, so I took a deep breath before leaning slightly up and letting my tongue move over the male’s shaft from the balls all the way to the tip, tasting whatever juices had come out of him. As I moved his big member inside of my mouth and started sucking, I could yet again feel the slight vibration inside of me. The bobbing of my head made the nipple clamps move and all this together caused me to moan yet again wondering what people would think if they saw me like that.

They would probably think that I was a whore or slut and maybe they aren’t wrong as I am really starting to like this. The fear that someone can hear and see us, the intense feeling of the cold breeze hitting my already sensitive nipples, the juices between my legs dripping into the grass everything was so extremely arousing to me. I felt a hand on my head pushing me down penetrating the back of my throat with the big hard cock making me gag slightly as tears peaked in my eyes, but even this wouldn’t stop me, even this made me more aroused. The hand moved to my ponytail and pulled me away from the pink tip making a small pop sound as it left my lips.

“Stand against the tree, ass towards me,” 

My partner said with his deep voice and I, obedient as I am stood up and leaned my hands against the three and stretched my hips out. I even moved the coat so that he had a clear view of my wet glistening pussy that was hugged from the inside to the outside by the little pink toy. I at least assumed that this was what he wanted. My thinking was that he would jerk off and cum on my ass, but oh my was I wrong as I soon felt his tip stroking up and down my pussy and the toy which also increased in vibrations. That's when I realized what he was planning to do.

“D…don’t I…I can’t fit you and the toy in”

I say quickly. A slight fear rises in me and I can feel his hand on my hips stroking in a gentle motion to calm me.

"Don't worry it will fit and if it’s too bad we can always stop, okay?”

He said and I bit my lips but gave a nod, curiosity getting the better half of me. As the vibrations increase, I can feel his tip trying to push inside spreading my lips as it strokes against the toy which then of course brushes against my G-spot. I gasped, my nails digging into the wood I was holding onto as I did my best to relax and let him enter.

The vibration on my G-spot and clit as well as the tight feeling in my hole due to his large member being inside was almost enough to drive me over the edge yet again, but I knew that this would be my last orgasm of the day and I wanted it to be with him, so I had to hold back. He started to move in gentle yet greedy motions rubbing the toy against my spot while he reached into my deepest insides. I couldn’t hold back my voice at this point, lust covering my whole face as I enjoyed the feeling of being filled with pleasure. 

"P...Please a little harder”

I say, my voice almost begging and I can hear him chuckle as he leans forward slightly, pushing his member even further inside of me if that is even possible, his free hand covers my mouth as he turns up the vibrations to the max setting and starts pounding me roughly, our skin making clapping sounds as it collided again and again, muffled moans filling the night air and he had started to groan quietly.

"Fuck I can feel the vibration too. It feels so good I’m going to cum soon and squirt it all inside of you”

He says and with that, he sped up slightly. I was reaching my limit to the pleasure building up inside of me ready to explode and make my head go blank. As his movements became more slopy and his member was throbbing inside of me I knew it was time so I relaxed my whole body tightening my walls around him and let myself get carried away by the wave of pleasure as I felt his warm liquid spill inside of me as the vibration toned down slowly enough to keep the wave that’s going through my body flowing a little longer until it eventually stopped and we both were gasping for air.

After we both regained our strength, we covered up and put the toy in the designed shell to keep it safe until we were home and could clean it and prepare it for the next adventure.


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