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Take Care Of Yourself (First Orgasm With A Vibrator) F Solo Masturbation Exploring Adult Toys

Updated: Feb 11

In early November, every year Richard Wilson would go away for a hunting trip. The week-long absence was something his wife, Maureen, had long since become accustomed to.

As he had every season for the past thirty-three years of their marriage, Richard loaded up his blue truck outside their suburban home. Maureen had patiently waited on the front porch as he finally closed the tailgate before walking over to her. After confirming he would be back by the 17th, Richard gave her a quick peck.

“Try to have fun while I’m gone,” he teased with a wicked smile Maureen hadn’t seen in some time.

“Sure,” Maureen had furrowed her brow a little suspicious of his playful demeanor. “Just be safe and call me when you can.”

It hadn’t been until later that evening, after his call around dinner time, that she discovered the reason for his excitement.

Sitting on their neatly made bed was a small green box topped with a handwritten note. Beside it sat a small spray bottle of toy cleaner with a purple cap. As she glanced over her husband’s loopy writing her eyes widened at the words.

Take care of yourself for me.

Maureen reached a hesitant hand towards the gift, peeling the note off of the glossy box and placing it off to the side. The package displayed what looked like a small remote and running vertically down the front read Touch X. Despite never having used one, Maureen knew exactly what she was looking at.

Richard had tried for years to convince Maureen to go into an adult toy store together with little to... Well, no luck. Now, in their 50s, it seemed that Richard had made an executive decision.

Maureen’s hands shook slightly as she slid the top of the box off, revealing the instruction manual. After a glance over it, she quickly discarded that to the side as well, feeling a heat rise across the back of her neck and color her cheeks at the word “waterproof.” She pushed the thought away as she yanked the cord for her phone charger out of the cube, replacing it with the white charging cable for her new toy. After setting the vibrator to charge, she placed the box and toy cleaner on the side table. With everything sorted Maureen quickly left the room, trying to distract herself with her regular evening routine.

Still, once the 11 o'clock news was finished, Maureen was left alone with an empty house and a fully charged present.

woman in a white nightgown, preparing to masturbate on her bed

As she slipped out of her clothes and into her nightgown, she glanced over at the non-imposing toy. Really, it was small enough to fit in the palm of her hand. She was being silly. She would use the stupid thing once to satisfy Richard's curiosity and get it out of the way.

A few moments later, with just the side table lamp on, Maureen settled herself into bed. With her back propped up against the pillows she tugged the sheets up to her waist as she worked up the nerve. Finally, she reached a shakey hand over to the side table and picked up the smooth vibrator. With one click of a button, the toy seemed to buzz to life and she jumped startled by the intensity.

As it continued to hum, she slipped her hand beneath the sheets and under the hem of her nightgown. Maureen spread her thighs, her hand hovering inches from her core as she took one last steadying breath before letting the silicone device run silkily through her folds.

It was immediate.

Her back bowed and her hips lifted to press harder against the toy as she instinctively found her sensitive clit. The vibrations ran through her body, concentrated in centre, as Richard's words ran through her mind.

Try to have fun while I'm gone.

Abruptly she yanked her hand from between her thighs and out from under the covers as she felt her climax fast approaching. Glancing at the deceitful little toy as her chest heaved, Maureen felt a rosy flush spread across her skin. To Maureen's shock, after less than 30 seconds on the lowest setting, the present had left her drenched.

Maureen pushed the covers down and out of the way as she returned the device between her thighs. Within seconds her toys curled and her gasps morphed into breathy moans as she let her orgasm finally, flood through her body. The vibrations seemed to create waves of pleasure that rolled through her.

Maureen's eyes fluttered shut as her hand dropped onto the bed beside her. Through her haze of pleasure, she half-heartedly clicked the button labeled with a plus sign, and the device only began to vibrate harder. Quickly she turned it off, letting out a sigh.

There were still seven more levels of intensity to test out before Richard got home.

Maybe this masturbation with adult toys wasn't such a bad idea after all, Maureen thought sleepily as she snuggled into the pillow before drifting off to sleep.


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