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Sex Toy Games for Couples

Attention all couples! Spice up your intimate connections with exciting sex toy games from Mommys Toy Shop:

1. Exchange - Choose a product from our wide selection and take turns using it on each other. Get creative in finding unique ways to incorporate it into your experience.

2. Adventure - Browse our website together and pick out something new to try. As you explore, discuss what interests you and what you want to experience as a couple.

3. Hidden Treasure - Find the perfect toy from our collection and hide it somewhere for your partner to discover. Make it a playful game by adding a time limit or even a blindfold for the searching partner.

4. Secret Hideaway - Choose an unconventional spot to keep the toy and develop a secret code only the two of you know to access its location.

So, which of these enticing games will you and your partner indulge in? 🎉🎊💕


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