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Can Sex Toys Cause Damage To Your Vagina

Updated: Feb 11

The short answer is no, but why would you (the concerned reader) take my word for it. You want some facts, and I want to give you some.

Dead Vagina Syndrome

vagina depiction with clitoral body, glans of clitoris, corpus Cavernosum, crus clitoris, vaginal opening, urethral opening, bulb of vestibule depicted

There is a phrase floating around the internet called "dead vagina syndrome" and I looked into what that is and if my vagina is really at risk for losing it's ability to orgasm. I must know. “Dead vagina syndrome” – a viral term that’s been floating around the internet to describe a sense of numbness in your nether regions caused by overusing your vibrator. (Source)

That sounds pretty intense, and I've personally experienced the so called "dead vagina syndrome". You know what vagina havers… it was temporary and as the doctor's are saying that it should only last a few minutes.

The Attack On Vaginas

When did this attack on orgasms start? Well, to be honest, it’s always kind of been there in some way or another. But most recently, the attack on sex toys began in the 90s with Alabama and Georgia arguing that “women do not have a “fundamental or constitutional right” to items used for sexual pleasure” (Source). Can you believe that? Well, it’s American, and since Trump and Roe v. Wade have been overturned, I think anything that comes from that place is complete hogwash. Anyway, I digress.

Women do not have a “fundamental or constitutional right” to items used for sexual pleasure.

The Science...

Now for the sciency [sic] part of this article. (So feel free to skip over this bit if you’re not a nerd like me). “A study from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine found that vibrations do desensitize the skin for about an hour after prolonged exposure, and this could happen to your clitoris, labia or other parts of your va-jay-jay as well, but it’s only temporary.” -(Source)

In fact, it may actually have some benefits!

According to a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, it may be suitable for vagina havers. “Vibrator use among women is commonly associated with health-promoting behaviours and positive sexual function, and rarely associated with side effects.” (Source)

I have all the suggestions for all the fun you can have...

Just look no further than the website you are on. I have a personal suggestion (it’s been a favourite of mine as of late.) It gets me going almost every night, alone or with my partner.


A. We live in Canada, which doesn’t have as many strict rules about woman’s bodies and sex toys.

B. No, there is no such thing as dead vagina syndrome…. Based on personal experience.

C. Sex toys, sex toys, sex toys for all.


Update to article:

It has come to my attention that there is some outdated information in my article. There has been a more relevant study since then. Feel free to read it. Thank you Benjamin Jorgensen for bringing this information to my attention.



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