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The tension has been building up for weeks between them. It started as some innocent flirting. Just two people needing more, both wanting to explore more. The talk slowly turned more sexual and describing what they wanted. How long could they go seeing each other everyday and not take the plunge. Cross that line and not look back.

At night she thought about him, wanting to feel his hands on her, his lips but most of all his mouth and tongue. She wanted to feel his beard tickling the inside of her thighs, while his tongue explored her pussy. He described how he would take her and not stop until she couldn’t take anymore. How hearing her screams of pleasure he would just dive into her deeper with both his mouth and hands.

During the day she would tease him, give him flirty looks, send him dirty messages. Tell him how wet she was thinking about him and the things she wanted him to do to her.

At night the pleasure she experienced just thinking about it while touching herself made her only want it more, him more. The orgasms tore through her just with the thoughts of him taking her, how will she should handle it when he actually touched her, tasted her.

She needed to feel his hands squeezing and pinching her nipples. For his mouth to envelop her luscious tits. For his mouth and tongue to gently caress her as he makes his way down her body. To hear her screams as he brought her to that crest over and over. See her juices dripping off his beard and to taste herself on his lips when she couldn’t take anymore.

She can’t wait much longer to make the thoughts and fantasies come to life. For him to devour her and make her pussy his.

How long do you think it will be until they take the plunge??


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