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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

She walked into the room not knowing what to expect and what she saw was the last thing she expected. He had restraints on the bed, a blindfold, flogger, feathers, and a few different vibrators laid out.

He could tell she was nervous about what could happen next, he just looked at her smiled and said I want you to tie me up and do what you want to me. Knowing how much it would turn him on that’s just what she did.

Slowly she undressed him, running her hands and tongue down his body as she slid his clothes off. She laid both hands on his chest and pushed him back on the bed. Straddling him, she took one arm at a time and put it in the restraint. Then she stood in front of him and did a little strip tease knowing

that it would drive him wild not being able to touch her. She then attached the leg restraints and made her way back up his body, kissing and licking him as she worked her way up to his lips. She kissed him deeply and slipped the blindfold on him.

With his senses heightened she straddled him again and tickled him with the feathers, trailing them over his body, stopping periodically to lick and nibble on his nipples because she knew that he enjoyed it. She could feel his body tense up and feel his cock harden behind her. Oh how she wanted to feel that cock inside her but not yet because this night was about pleasuring him. He tried to ask her what she was going to do next and she just put a finger on his lips and said shhhh.

She looked over the vibrators and chose one that she thought would give him the most pleasure. She squeezed lube on the vibrator and stroked it to cover the whole length. Her fingers slick with it she gently rubbed it around his ass, slowly she worked her fingers into him, gliding first one finger then two into him to prepare him for what was next. She grabbed the vibrator, turned it to a low setting to start with and guided it into him slowly. The instant he felt it inside him his body tensed and she wasn’t sure if she should keep going . She continued to glide it in and out, increasing the intensity as she went until he let out a moan of pure pleasure. Seeing his rock hard cock, she couldn’t resist anymore, she needed to feel it inside her. Leaving the vibrator in him, she climbed on top and rode him hard until they both climaxed. She stayed on top of him for a minute enjoying the pulsing of his cock inside her, and feeling both of their juices leaking out.

He thought now that they had both cum, that she would untie him but she had other things in mind. It was then that he felt the sting of the flogger against his skin. She continued to whip him with it over and over, a little harder each time. She wasn’t sure if he would enjoy it when she started but noticing his prick getting hard again, there was no doubt that he was. She grabbed his cock in her hand and started to stroke him, flicking her tongue across the tip. She could taste herself, mixed with his cum and she wanted more. She slid his cock into her mouth and she sucked, running her tongue along it as she did. She brought him to the edge again and asked him what he wanted. His answer was her from behind, hearing that she quickly untied his legs and straddled him again to free his arms. Once his arms were free he wrapped them around her and flipped her over on the bed, he reached for the restraints and put them on her wrists. There she was face down, ass up in front of him to take. He reached around her grabbing onto her nipples as his slid into her. She loved the feel of his cock and how it filled her. He fucked her hard and fast grabbing onto her curves until he erupted inside of her. He took the restraints off her wrists and they both collapsed on the bed, both of them thinking about what they could explore with next.


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