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Valentines Shopping List!

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Many will be searching for that perfect gift for their special someone, or maybe you’ll be spending it solo and want to find the perfect gift to treat yourself. Sure you could go with flowers or candy. Maybe even a ridiculously oversized stuffed animal. But why settle for showing your love in the traditional way when you can give your partner mind blowing orgasms instead? I know which one I would prefer so I decided to compile a Valentine’s Day gift guide of ideas to help you have the romantic, sensual, sexy and orgasmic kind of day everyone deserves!

1. Lingerie - No matter if you buy it for your partner because you get turned on by the thought of them wearing it, or if you buy it for yourself because it makes you feel sexy and you want your Valentine to be drooling when they see you in it, you can never go wrong with sexy wear!!!

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2. Flowers -There are many different types of flowers for you to choose from, but there is only one single rose that the ladies are raving about. It’s the only flower that will leave you trembling with orgasmic pleasure! So say “I love you with a single rose this year!

rose vibrator imposed over a rose stem

3. Fetish Kit- For the more adventurous types you can check out the Ultimate Bondage Kit!!!! What better way to spend Valentines Day than teasing and pleasing till they beg you for mercy!!

bondage full accessories kit including blindfold, whip, candles, ball gag and tickler

4. Couples Games-Plan a fun Valentines Game night for you and your special somebody. You can play adult charades, explore with the 50 positions of bondage kit and come up with the perfect 5 card fantasy or play the hedonism game!!!! There’s sure to be some sexy fun had by everyone.

3 adult sex games available for sex toy delivery in edmonton

5. Champagne-Valentine’s Day is a great day to toast the one you love with some champagne. Luckily you can get the black and champagne gold be mine set! The kind of “champagne” that will leave you tingling from head to toe!!

bottle of champagne and two filled glasses imposed over the couples sex vibrator

6. Massage -Pamper the one you love with a relaxing massage! The roller ball is the perfect gift for that! Grab some wine and some massage oil and you’re all set!

back massage roller glove for sensual massage and rubbing

7. If you’re up for a “double” date you should consider the vibrating double delight strap-on! It’s sure to be the best part of your evening and what better way is there to double date really?

two girls on the cover using the vibrating dual strap-on harness

8. Stuffed animal - If you’re more the type to choose a stuffed animal why not let your lucky valentine be the fox and you can do the stuffing!! If that sounds like the kind of thing you’re up for I recommend the white fox tail anal plug and ears.

brunette bent over wearing wolf ears and wolf tail in her anus

9. Sweets -You can skip the chocolates and get nipple nibblers or any of the flavoured lubes and let your Valentine be the sweet treat instead!!

6 flavours of nipple nibblers in a heart shaped valentines box

10 .If you want to get a really big gift then there is always the option to get a big gift that keeps on giving like the king cock plus thruster! Your Valentine will be so happy they’ll be screaming your name later!!!

heart incased king cock 6.5 inch thruster dildo

If none of the items on this shopping list appeal to you there are tons of other options to pick from! I hope everyone gets to have the mind blowing orgasmic Valentine’s Day you deserve!!!


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