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Werewolves Unite Under the Full Moon (a tail of sexual awakening)

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Today was finally the full moon. Ivy hadn't met her mate yet but she felt certain it would be this full moon that she would. She could feel it in her soul, like a vibration. She got that feeling whenever something big would happen. It was like a premonition that something big was about to happen, it started when she got her wolf and when her mother died. That had been difficult for Ivy, but also it made her the woman she was. She was a no-nonsense kind of girl that didn't take crap from anyone. Especially her dad, that Alpha of the blood moon pack. She had gotten a lot of other characteristics from her father, but her beauty was from her mother. Wolves would always say that she looked like the spitting image of her mother. She was short and spunky. She had long dark hair that went all the way to her bum, which was rounded like her perky breasts. She was passionate, and because the moon goddess had gifted her with the special site, she was already revered by many wolf packs.

girl with a wolf silhouette behind her
Embrace of Beauty/

Dane was a man's man and didn't care if he had a mate. It didn't bother him one iota and the only reason he had been at the ceremony tonight was that his mother wanted him there. She felt that it was important to find his mate and so Dane was there, all 6ft 4 of him. He looked around not expecting to find anything when all of a sudden there was a scent that turned him on instantly. He was pulled like nothing he had felt before. He immediately knew what he was feeling. It was more instinct than anything. "Mate" he growled when he looked up and saw Ivy. She was a petite little thing that was a whisper of a woman; beautiful and erotic.

She wanted him immediately and knew by his large erection that he also wanted her. It wasn't uncommon for wolves to meet their mates during the full moon, and seal the bond of matehood right there, under the sky so the moon goddess could see what she had done. Ivy felt like this was going to be one of those nights. She pulled him seductively to a small clearing in the woods and he followed. She licked her lips and he rushed to kiss her. She felt his tongue exploring her mouth while she felt his hand grasp her breasts under her shirt. She pulled at his pants and belt in a rush. She wanted him here and now. Ivy undressed him as quickly as she could but just like he was answering a secret prayer he ripped off his and her clothes and his giant cock sprung out at attention. It made Ivy want him more. She could feel the electricity through her spine at his touch.

They fell into each other's arms kissing passionately as they went down. Dane tried to cradle as much of the fall as possible. He pushed his hands through her glorious hair and grabbed a handful and pushed her mouth deeper into the kiss, then while he was kissing her, he moved his other hand down to her bud and started to lightly caress it. He moved in large circles until he could smell that she was ready for him. When Ivy started to moan and open her legs permitting him to enter her and with that, he began to slowly enter her (recognizing that his girth might be a little much for her to get used to). He entered her slowly one inch at a time.

Ivy felt like it was taking forever for him to penetrate her. She was dying at his fingers rubbing her clitoris. She just wanted him as close as she could have him. She grasped at anything she could put her hands on. Ivy loved the taste of his skin. It was so sweet, like salty caramel. As she felt him enter her pussy she, let out a huge gasp and dug her nails into his back. She could feel him starting to develop a rhythm. Just pumping over and over again until she felt like she couldn't take it anymore. Ivy shouted and screamed and squirmed under his huge cock and body until she felt the overwhelming need to mark her mate. She let out a soft growl and the mate bond was sealed with her and him marking each other. She bit down to the flesh feeling like her wolf was starting to take over. The urge was strong but she just let it happen. And soon Ivy just transformed into a beautiful small black wolf. Dane saw her magnificent transformation and he followed suit. Dane was a large silver wolf and he was glorious. Dane's wolf nuzzled Ivy and the goddess was pleased. They just collapsed on each other in pleasure; tired and happy. They had found the mate they never knew they needed.


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