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Winner of the May Free Giveaway

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

We are proud to announce that the May Free Giveaway winner's have been selected. Due to our privacy and discretion policy, the winners will stay anonymous, however they both have allowed the below pictures!

The Giveaway Bundles are:

  • 1 We-Vibe Wand & assorted Water and Silicone based lubes

  • 1 We-Vibe Nova & assorted Water and Silicone based lubes

Thank you to everyone that participated by subscribing. Watch for the next one!

Giveaway Bundle description
May 2nd

Our May 9th Winner of a We-Vibe Nova. Congratulations and thanks to all who subscribed to enter!

Winner of the Wevibe Nova!
One of our winners

The Lucky Winner of a We-Vibe Wand. All Smiles!!

Winner of We-vibe Wand
2nd Winner



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