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A Male Locking Chastity Device will keep your submissive confined and obedient

This Male Locking Chastity Device will keep your cock locked away until you set him free. This clear chastity device is both adjustable and secure. Included are, one cock cage, three graduated rings, one extra secure locking chamber, and a lock with two keys.

For many male subs and their Doms, the symbolism of a male chastity device is what matters most, not its inescapability. And as with other forms of sex play and most aspects of healthy relationships, the honour system makes it work.

Unlike solid steel cock cages, this one grants viewing access. It is made from high quality clear plastic. Hence you can sneak a peak but nothing else. You cannot reach to touch not even when you have to urinate. In fact, this cock cage features an open slot providing urethral access.

The Rikers is made from polycarbonate material. Hence, it is lightweight, hypoallergenic and durable. Polycarbonate material will not crack and is ideal for long term use. Say hello to abstinence and orgasm control within plain sight. In addition to, granting your Master complete dominance over your manhood.

Cage Measures: 1.4in or 3.56cm (internal diameter) x 2.75in or 7cm (internal length)

Rings measure: 1.65in or 4.2cm, 1.75 or 4.4cm, 1.85in or 4.7cm (diameter)

Locking Chastity Device

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