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Deep Fantasies

From the depths of the sea LUSHEN is waiting for you to take the plunge and be prepared to get a little damp. Sliding down the ripples of the long tentacle will induce waves of ecstasy. Don't forget your towel.

MEDIUM - 0050 Medium
Total height: 8.75"
Usable length: 7.4"
Girth at head: 2.55"
Largest diameter at head: .89"
Girth at stalk: 6.1"
Largest diameter at stalk: 1.85"
Weight: 12.6 oz
LARGE - 0050 Medium
Total height: 10.5"
Usable length: 8.9"
Girth at head: 3"
Largest diameter at head: 1.11"
Girth at stalk: 7.3"
Largest diameter at stalk: 2.3"
Weight: 22 oz


PriceFrom C$54.00
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