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If you and your partner are new to sheaths, or you’re afraid that adding more girth to your already massive member may send your partner bolting for the door instead of your bed, the Fat Boy™ Thin may be just what you need! Adding just .5” of girth to your penis (regardless of size), it will delicately intensify your solo and partner play. Meanwhile, the scrotum loop will keep it in place, and provide you with a gentle ball tug. The super soft and stretchy SilaSkin™ material provides an ultra-real feel. 

Women go crazy for the orgasm-triggering stimulation from the added girth. Men dig the stroker action. Use it as a masturbator, or enjoy the thrill of a massive, yet remarkably comfortable cock during anal sex. Named Best Sex Toy by Men’s Health in 2017, the Fat Boy continues to be a best seller!

Made with SilaSkin™, a proprietary latex-free material with a velvety texture that flawlessly mimics the real thing. Experience superior flexibility and stretch.

To calculate your ideal size measure the top of the penis, from base to tip, while erect.


  • Color: Clear
  • Size: One size
  • Cleanup: Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water
  • Safety: Safe with water-based lubes

NOTE: This product is not compatible with latex products. Please store separately.

PerfectFit - Fat Boy Thin Sheath 4.0 - Clear

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