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by Liebe Seele


Performance of organosilicone:

Weather resistance (hydrolysis resistance, UV resistance, salt spray resistance), flame retardant, high wear resistance, antifouling, easy to take care of, waterproof, skin-friendly, no irritation, mildew anti-bacterial, safety and environmental protection, etc. 

Compared with traditional leather and PU, organosilicone PU has more advantages in hydrolysis resistance, low VOC, no smell, environmental protection.

Organosilicone PU doesn’t contain chemical or toxic material, it’s safe for human body and doesn’t do any harm to our environment.

Special Feature: There is wrinkle on the cuffs or collar after use, but if you leave them flat/unfastened for about one hour, the wrinkle will disappear automatically.

Bullet Points:

  • organosilicone handcuffs give absolute comfort during play.
  • With 5 holes for perfect adjustment
  • Easy to clean and care for.
  • Detachable double hook chain.


  • Total Length: 35cm
  • Adjustable Length: 22-29 cm

Pink Organosilicone PU Handcuffs Nickle Free Hardware Wrist Cuffs

C$53.00 Regular Price
C$51.59Sale Price

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