Product Details

  • Length: 7.50 Inches
  • Width: 2.25 Inches
  • Material: Latex, Plastic 
  • Color: Smoke
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
  • UPC: 603912113136
  • Weight: 8.32 Ounces

Product Description

The Potent Developer Pump was scientifically developed by European urologists to improve sexual performance by promoting and prolonging erections in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, as well as temporarily increasing penis size.

Penis pumps have been proven effective in combating erectile dysfunction by providing extra blood flow to the penis and encouraging harder erections.

How it Works:

Place the clear cylinder over your penis.  Position thumb over air release valve and then pump to increase pressure and suction inside the tube.  As the Potent Developer Pump creates a vacuum around the penis, blood is drawn into the penis, allowing it to become engorged and hard.  Pump until desired erection size is reached, then remove thumb to release pressure and withdraw your penis from tube.

Why Use a Penis Pump?

Erectile dysfunction is a frequent difficulty, in which men cannot get or maintain an erection for the purposes of sexual intercourse.  Doctors recommend penis pumps as an helpful treatment for erectile dysfunction.  The American Urological Associations reports that penis pumps may be effective when drugs like Viagra don’t work.  Penis pumps are one of a small number of treatment options for erectile dysfunction and have several advantages over other medical treatments including:

•    Penis Pumps allow most men to get and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse.
•    Penis Pumps have very little side effects when compared to drugs and evasive surgeries.
•    Penis Pumps work well together with other forms of treatment such as medications or surgery.
•    Penis Pumps can counter the erection problems caused by prostate surgery, and other illnesses, aiding men in producing natural, healthy erections again. 

Caution: Do not over pump your erection, as this can cause vascular damage to the penis tissues.  Stop pumping if you experience discoloration, pain, discomfort or bruising.  Consult your doctor before using penis pumps or other erection treatments.

While some claim that penis pumps can permanently increase penis size, there is no medical documentation to support this.  We do not endorse penis pumps for that purpose.

Potent Developer For Men

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