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Rookie Penis Pump

The Rookie Penis Pump is a flanged clear cylinder enhancement pump. This pump is equipped with a detachable non crimping hose, EZ squeeze pressure bulb with a quick release valve, a rubber sleeve and donut for comfort and a secure seal.A penis pump is a cylinder that is placed around the penis. This cylinder has a hose coming from it that creates suction. The suction draws blood into the penis, which creates an erection as well as increasing the size of the penis. Penis pumps also have a special medical use for men who suffer from impotency. If you want a long-term effect it would take commitment, just like bodybuilding. If you stop working out you would lose muscle mass. When the airtight vacuum pump cylinder is placed around the penis, blood rushes into the muscle portion. The muscle tissue expands, breaks down, and then rebuilds into larger and stronger muscles. The length of pumping session and the frequency of pumping sessions are two factors that will determine the results. A penis pump becomes unsafe when too much pressure is applied to the penis, this could result in temporary discoloration of the penis and result in blisters. Remember to go slow and take your time. If any pain is experienced, decrease the pressure. When used carefully and correctly, a penis pump is perfectly safe.

7.5 in x 2.25 in/19 cm x 5.75 cm

Rookie Penis Pump

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