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What is Sync?

Sync is the best-selling couples vibrator designed to create deeper connections. Adjustable for the perfect fit and offering remote and app control, Sync is the quintessential couples vibrator for shared pleasure; a classic for a reason.

Sync charges by USB cable. When it’s time to recharge place the charger on the magnetic pins. After 90 minutes, SYNC is ready to go for up to two hours of play.

Sync offers a single hinge in the middle of the device, so it can be adjusted exactly how you want it. You should bend and manipulate Sync carefully to avoid damage.

Sync comes with a five button, charcoal remote which can control Sync from up to three meters away. The We-Vibe remote controls intensities and patterns effortlessly. The We-Vibe remotes allows Sync to put into a Travel lock mode, so Sync stays silent wherever you go.

Sync allows for long distance play with the free We-Vibe app. Connect through your smart phone or device and keep Sync within Bluetooth distance of the device. Allow your partners to control vibration patterns and intensities from across the room, or across the world.

Adjustable fit
Soft edges and sleek design means Sync slips inside comfortably, allowing easy wear during sex.

10+ vibration modes
Sync provides 10+ vibration modes so you can control the power and rhythm of your vibrations.

App & remote control
Play together with the We-Vibe app to give your foreplay extra spark – across a room or a continent – or use the remote control provided.

Whisper Quiet
Sync’s powerful, rumbly vibrations are surprisingly quiet and discreet.

Sync is waterproof (IPX7), making it easy to enjoy anywhere and simple to clean.

Pleasure shape
Sync is designed to allow couples to experience shared vibrations during sex.

Simply charge Sync via USB cable – your toy provides up to 120 minutes of play on one full 90-minute charge.

Silky-smooth silicone
Sync is fully coated in ultra-hygienic, skin-friendly silicone

We-Vibe Sync

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