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A revolutionary patented faucet attachment that directs water to the midline of the bathtub, this sleek water diverter is designed to enable the “bathtub (masturbation) technique” - harnessing the power of water to deliver personal pleasure and stimulation. The waterslyde is the alternative pleasure product for a new clean sensation. Packaging size: 16.0" x 5.0" x 2.75". Benefits: Great from arousal to orgasm. Body-safe (uses just plain H2O to wash and stimulate). Water delivered right to your vulva. Simply attaches to most forward-facing bathtub faucets. Hands-free - lay back and let the water do the rest. Disability-friendly. Removes stigma around pleasure & personal hygiene. Finally, no more scooching or bathtub yoga. Eco-friendly packaging made from 100% recycled paper. Waterslyde is made from the highest grade, body-safe, recyclable plastic. Includes: Waterslyde. Premium self-gripping suede-like ribbon. Waterproof mesh bag.

the Waterslyde® Aquatic Stimulator

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C$42.04Sale Price

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