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Sex Toy Jargon & Terms For Adult Toys Shopping

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Walk into any sex shop or sex toy website, and you are greeted with a dizzying array of sexy toys. Massive dildos, life-sized masturbators, wildly shaped and colored vibrators, anal plugs right smack in your face. It can really throw you off your game and cool that hot blood. You came looking for a sex toy but this first impression could be intimidating and might even turn you off! We have created a glossary of sex toy jargon for you to read before you jump into sex toy shopping.

Adult Sex Toys – A Glossary Of Terms So You Dont Look Or Feel Like A Newb

At Mommys Toy Shop, our customers are always greeted with an offer to help. That’s great and all, but when your already apprehensive or shy about buying adult sex toys, it might also be very awkward to have someone speak so candidly about sex toys. We want you to choose the right toy for yourself and above all else: give you an orgasm.

What is a sex toy?

A sex toy, adult toy or adult sex toy, is any device or thing used to enhance or supplement sexual pleasure. There are many different types of sex toys, ensuring that no matter how you identify or what your relationship status is, you're able to find the toy you need for an exciting and fulfilling bedroom experience.

Anal Beads

It typically consists of a string of balls evenly spaced and connected on the toy. It is designed to give the user the pleasure of opening and closing the sphincter at the will of their partner or alone.

What is a sex toy?

A sex toy, adult toy or adult sex toy, is any device or thing used to enhance or supplement sexual pleasure. There are many different types of sex toys, ensuring that no matter how you identify or what your relationship status is, you're able to find the toy you need for an exciting and fulfilling bedroom experience.

What is a dildo?

Anything that is used to penetrate the anus, mouth or vagina. There are many different kinds of dildos. Some are meant to look like a penis, with testicles and a shaft, others are designed to be strapped on and stuck to surfaces, or vibrate. There is even a type of dildo that is shaped like a penis but comes with a special suction cup so that you can stick it to a surface! Sex toys can be a lot to take in, literally.

Sex Toys For Men

Sex toys for men come in many shapes and sizes, just like those for women. Vibrators, double-ended dildos, rabbit vibrators, pocket pussy(s), powered strokers, sex dolls, powered blowjob machines, prostate massagers, and more are great sex toys for men. Experiment and find the ones that do the job for you. All of them are designed to be inserted into the anus or mouth, and proper lube and cleaners are crucial to keeping them in good working order.

Sex Toys For Women

Vibrators, couples’ vibrators, double-ended dildos, rabbit vibrators, bullets, remote-controlled and vibrators. The current joke all over the internet is "Anything is a dildo if your brave enough" so be creative and experiment with everything.


Pleasure for the man’s prostate or the woman’s A-spot. Yes you can have anal orgasms if you are a woman. Achieved using butt-plugs, dildos and beads.

What is a vibrator?

Vibrators are sex toys that can be used to pleasure your body in many different ways, by you guessed it - vibrating. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be used with or without a partner. They're perfect for solo play as well as partnered play, and can be applied to specific areas on the body like the scrotum, clitoris, vulva, vagina, penis or anus. Bullets, clitoral stimulators, and rabbit vibrators are all variations used for sexual pleasure.

Anal Sex Toys

Designed to stimulate the nerve ending in your anus and prostate if you are a man. As with a woman's G-spot, the prostate can be stimulated by rubbing, vibration, or a combination of both.


The term refers to a practice involving bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. Toys and devices available from BDSM include stainless steel, leather, plastic balls, nipple clamps, paddles, and whips, gags, crops, suction devices and more.


A clitoris stimulator or insertable sex toy, this is intended for use in either the vaginal or anus area. The vibrating device is suitable for use both inside and outside the bedroom.

Butt Plug

These toys are pear shaped toys and have a wide, round or flared base at the end so that it will stay inserted and not get sucked in. They can be worn during sex by men and women to increase sensations and to feel full. They are made in a variety of glass, metal, silicone materials.


A penis shaped or phallic object that comes in a shocking array of size, shapes and textures. Options include with or without testicles, a suction cup and vibrating or non-vibrating.


A device that attaches to a penis or dildo and increases girth and/or length. Can come in various styles that hook onto testicles or held in place with suspenders. Great for couples that want to experience different sensations without the need for extra people.

Electric Sex Toys

Part of the BDSM category, these toys send a shock to a part of the body like the clitoris or the scrotum. The Intensity of the shock is the choice of the Dominant partner.


Part of the BDSM category, these toys suppress or inhibit the speech or breathing of the less dominant partner leading leading to erotic pleasure.


Used to attach or wear a dildo by male or female to simulate having either a bigger penis or a penis at all.


Used for intercourse or masturbation, for decreasing friction. You can increase sensation as well as duration of the activity by using lube for sexual activities with and without adult toys. A big recommendation for post-menopausal females or while using a condom.


A device to assist in male masturbation. Some are shaped like vaginas or mouths, while others are shaped like a can with moving parts to simulate the interesting interior parts of anus, vagina and mouths.

Penis Pump

Using a vacuum to stimulate an erection. When the penis is inserted, suction occurs, engorging the penis in blood, creating an erection that is normally bigger and harder than a normal erection.

Pussy Pump

A pussy pump is a vacuum toy designed for sexual pleasure that when applied to the vaginal lips or clitoris, creates suction and increases blood flow and sensitivity.


Probably the most well-known toy, modern vibrators can be operated manually and are easy to use. These days, vibrators can also thrust, rotate and emit suction for all kinds of possibilities. Wand massagers, clit massagers, back massagers are all variations.


A dildo that that can vibrate using a rechargeable battery or plugin cord. It has a vibrating ball end that helps to target the stimulation to the clitoris. Intensity and placement can be controlled by the user.

Prostate Toys

Like G-spot toys that are curved to provide direct stimulation to the male prostate. These can also vibrate.


A harness and dildo combination made to be worn by a female or male (hollow strap-on). This can assist with penetration of the anus (pegging) or vagina. A hollow strap-on is useful in assisting with erectile difficulties for males as they can insert the penis inside and enjoy the full sensation of sex.

Clitoral Vibrators

Vibrators designed to target the clitoris directly. They can be worn on fingers, laid on, held in the hand or worn while doing every day activities in the panties or underwear and controlled remotely. Some are even full sized machines that plug in and can be sat on like a saddle.

Sex Doll

A life size replica of a human for sex. Some variations are created out of pure silicone and metal frames, while others are purely blowup balloons with faces and penetration points.

Clitoral Sucking Toy

Toys that simulate sucking of the vagina. Some use actual suction, while others use sonic waves and air pulse technology that simulates suction or stimulation without any actual contact.

G-Spot Toy

Dildos with a slight curve or cleverly positioned bump to stimulate the g-spot at the upper wall of the vagina. This stimulation zone can cause a woman to squirt or female ejaculation.

Rabbit Vibrator

A combination dildo of a clitoral stimulator and a vaginal penetrator shaped like a rabbit sitting up. These can be very simple or extremely diverse and fancy with thrusting shafts and easy to mount machines.

Wearable Dildo

This is a lesbian-centric toy and is worn by a dominant female inside her vagina. Using this she can then penetrate her partner’s anus or vagina, while also receiving sexual stimulation herself.


There are a hundred different variations of sexual pleasure devices and adult toys. Take your time and experiment with all of them. One size most definitely does not fit all. You will find what works best for you and enjoy a heck of a lot of sensations while doing so.. Play safe and Enjoy. And remember to not take life to seriously.

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