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Sexy Wear & Lingerie Canada - Women's Intimate Apparel & Adult toys

At Mommys Toy Shop, we believe in self-expression, not dressing for others, but for your desires. Every shape, every size, we've got something for everyone, from sleek to plus-sized lingerie. It's all about embracing your sensuality in every way. Dive into our collection, where each piece is designed to make you feel confident and sexy. We stand for breaking barriers in discussing intimate pleasures. Whether you're drawn to a classic lingerie set, a playful role-play outfit, body stockings, or sexy minidresses, we have got you. Celebrate your curves and find your perfect fit with us. Visit us for the perfect lingerie in Edmonton today!

Pink Lace Lingerie

Unleash Your Seductive Side with Sexywear, Outfits, Stockings, and Masks

Our captivating collection includes an ensemble of allure and intrigue designed to ignite desire and awaken your inner seductress. From a range of sexy wear and outfits to stockings and masks, explore a world of possibilities to express your sensuality.

Types of Lingerie

Before diving into lingerie shopping, familiarize yourself with the variety of pieces. Here's a quick rundown:

Bodysuit: A unified piece combining a bra and underwear, often called a teddy. It is ideal for special moments or as a stylish layer beneath outfits.

Bralette: An underwire-free bra frequently crafted in lace.

Corset: A time-honoured garment that snuggly fits and emphasizes the body, delivering a striking hourglass shape.

Bustier: Extends from the bust down to the abdomen, highlighting the chest area.

Chemise: A brief, dress-like piece that's stunning solo or paired with complementary thongs.

Romper: Combines a top with shorts, exuding a laid-back yet flirty vibe.

How to Choose the Right Lingerie for Your Body Type


The abundance of choices can make the selection process a tad daunting. Here is a quick guide that can help you find the right lingerie for you:


Hourglass: Highlight your balanced proportions with garter belts, teddies, corsets, high-waisted or thong panties, and wireless bras.

Triangle: Emphasize your hips and balance with lacy negligees, balconette bras, bustiers, and ruffled bra and bikini sets.

Rectangle: Enhance an athletic figure with corsets, garter belts, teddies, and push-up bras.

Inverted triangle: Broad shoulders? Go for halter necks, teddies, bralettes with matching lace panties, or cami sets.

Round: Seek proportion with negligees, teddies, chemises, and satin lingerie gowns.


Visit our store if you have any queries about lingerie in Edmonton! Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you.

Why Choose Sexywear, Outfits, Stockings, and Masks?


Our sexy lingerie has so much to offer:


Confidence and Expression: Our collection empowers you to embrace your unique style, express fantasies, and confidently celebrate your sensuality.


Versatile Styles: From lingerie sets that flatter your curves to enticing role-play outfits, explore a variety of styles that cater to diverse tastes.


Elevated Sensation: Stockings and masks enhance your ensembles, adding an element of mystery and anticipation that heightens your partner's desire.


Playful Exploration: Whether it's for a romantic evening or intimate play, our selection invites you to explore different personas and scenarios.

Tips for Unveiling Your Seductive Side


Comfort is Key: Choose outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable, as your comfort directly influences your confidence and sensuality.


Accessorize Thoughtfully: Enhance your ensemble with complementary stockings and masks that add an extra layer of allure to your appearance.


Role-Play Delight: Experiment with role-play scenarios to embody different characters, igniting excitement and anticipation in both you and your partner.


Quality Materials: Opt for high-quality materials that enhance your look and ensure comfort and durability.


If you'd like more guidance on unleashing your seductive side, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for expert advice and product recommendations.

Discreet Packaging and Billing

We value your privacy. Your order will be packaged discreetly, and billing information will be treated confidentially.

Celebrate Your Seductive Spirit

Ready to embrace your inner seductress? Explore our captivating collection of Sexywear, Outfits, Stockings, and Masks, and discover the perfect pieces to express your sensuality and make your intimate moments unforgettable.


(Disclaimer: All products on this website are intended for adult use only. By accessing this site, you acknowledge that you are 18 or older.)

A Store for All Your Desires

From lingerie to sex toys, our curated collection unveils your sexy side.

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