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A Tied Up Toy (MF) First Time With Restraints

“So, do you have any roommates I should know about?”

Sienna could hear the lilt of anxiety in her own voice.

She didn’t normally do this. She wasn’t a prude, of course. She just hadn’t met too many men worth her time.

Of course, her choice of men was a bit questionable, which had led her to seek out a reputable Dominant. After a rundown of her likes and limits, here she was. — Exactly in the position she had asked for.

“Nah,” Dorian replied shutting the front door behind him. “Just us.”

He reached over flicking on the hall light.

His condo was larger than she expected and nicely furnished. Books filled shelves and knick-knacks from all over the world were dotted strategically around the space giving it a homey feel.

Sienna strolled over to the nearby couch, placing her leather jacket over the back. As she turned she was surprised by how close he had gotten without her realizing.

He really was gorgeous. A mop of tussled dark hair, dark eyes, and a solid jawline. After a few drinks, a round of pool and some witty banter here she was. Whiskey, tattoos and a lopsided grin could be a dangerous combination.

He was much closer now than before and his warm, spicy scent seemed to surround her. Dorian practically towered over Sienna, his hands on her waist, as he slowly backed her into the wall.

As he leaned down Sienna found herself on her tippy toes in an effort to meet his lips.

As they kissed he seemed to be taking things slow, tender even. But Sienna didn’t want that. She found his bottom lip, grazing her teeth over it before kissing him again.

He groaned against her mouth, kissing her harder and more passionately as his hands found each of hers, intertwining his fingers, before pinning them above her head. Sienna’s chest rose and fell rapidly as he made his way over to her neck, trailing kisses across her skin.

A pair of legs crossed at the ankles, elevated against a window backdrop, with black high heels and matching ankle cuffs linked by a chain.

Her hips pressed forward into his and suddenly his hands released hers. Finding purchase on her backside he lifted her pulling away from the wall. Sienna gasped surprised by the sudden change in position but wrapped her legs around his waist nonetheless.

As Dorian carried Sienna down the hall, she loosely wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, kissing and sucking at the crook of his neck.

Entering his bedroom he placed her on the bed before stepping back to remove his shirt. Once it was discarded, he grabbed hold of Sienna’s hips, pulling her to the edge of the bed.

Sienna leaned up to kiss him, cupping his face as he undid her pants.

“I’m going to tie you up.”

It was a statement, and it caused goosebumps to erupt across Sienna’s skin at the idea. But she furrowed her brow, seemingly unsure.

Dorian made his way over to a wardrobe on the far side of the room. When he turned back to face her, shutting the door behind him, he held wine-red handcuffs.

In a matter of minutes, Dorian had Sienna naked and restrained on the bed. Her hands were bound behind her back and tied her calves to her thighs so her legs were consistently restricted in a bent position.

Standing back to admire his work, Dorian fought back a smirk clearly pleased with himself. Sienna squirmed halfheartedly against the bindings, glancing back helplessly over her shoulder at where Dorian stood.

His hand landed hard on her full rump with a heavy thwack and Sienna’s thigh squeezed shut as she twisted on the bed. The sting was sharp but it didn’t last.

“What?” Dorian taunted running a finger through her wet folds. “You don’t want to play anymore?”

Sienna buried her face in the sheets in an attempt to muffle her moans.

Yes, she still wanted to play.

Dorian rubbed his hand firmly over her sensitive clit. As he made circles over the sensitive bundle of nervous Sienna began to moan, her back tensing as she tried to move her arms against the restraints.

He stood up and walked around to the other side of the bed, undressing nonchalantly.

Now naked he stroked himself as he leaned down, lifting Sienna’s face by her chin as he kissed her. She moaned against his lips despite herself.

He had her naked and tied up. And yet he took his time.

Finally, Dorian straightened his back and wrapped his fist tightly around the base of his shaft. As he presented his cock to her, Sienna’s lips parted instinctively opened. He sunk the first couple inches of his length into her warm wet mouth.

As she sucked she glanced up, meeting his eyes, and he groaned, finding a fistful of her hair. He used his grip to hold her head in place as he rocked his hips forward. Each thrust pushed his cock into her throat, testing how deep he could go.

Once Dorian’s cock was slick, and while she was still recovering from gagging on his length, he moved back around to the other side of the bed. Pulling her hips back to the edge of the bed, he lined himself up with her drenched core.

Dorian sunk himself to the hilt into her warm, wet depths and Sienna cried out. He groaned in response as he began to thrust into her with purpose; filling her repeatedly.


As her walls tightened around him she moaned, burying her face in the sheets as once more Dorian taunted her.

“What? Is my game no fun?”

Sienna whimpered as she felt herself begin to gush around him as she climaxed.

Yes, this game was a lot of fun.

Dorian continued to drill into her, spreading her ass and letting a string of saliva land on her puckered asshole.

As she twisted under him at the sensation he slammed himself deep inside her, keeping her pinned to the bed.

“You let me tie you up. You didn’t think I would do filthy things to you?”

“Yes,” Sienna moaned the confession.

Dorian smirked, before starting to pound into her. As he did his wet thumb slowly teased her rosebud, working his thumb into it before his thumb finally sunk completely into her tight sphincter.

Sienna whimpered at the sensation. She felt so full. And it was incredible. As she bucked under him he continued to drill into her, keeping his thumb deep inside her asshole.

“This is how I want to fuck you.”

Sienna moaned in response as she felt herself getting close again. As she teetered on the edge his words pushed her clean over.

“Tied up like a little toy.”

Sienna should have cared, should have been disgusted or even embarrassed. She should have stopped him before she was ever restrained.

But it was euphoric being his to play with.


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