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Submitting To My Wife (MF) Vibrating Butt Plug

Felix held open the front door of the home he shared with Monica as she stepped inside. He had planned an anniversary dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant Monica had been been dying to try. Felix’s fettuccine had been delicious and she had finished every bite of her carbonara, while the plates of garlic bread seemed endless.

Now that they were home, Felix took a moment to admire his beautiful wife.

She had pulled her dark hair up into an intricately styled updo, while the short dress Monica had worn only reached the middle of her milky thighs. The black material seemed to hug the curve of Monica’s hips perfectly as she paused momentarily at the bottom of the stairs.

She had pulled her dark hair up into an intricately styled updo, while the short dress Monica had worn only reached the middle of her milky thighs. The black material seemed to hug the curve of Monica’s hips perfectly as she paused momentarily at the bottom of the stairs, erotica, sex shop,sex toys, couple fun, anal toys, butt plug
“Are you ready for your present now?” Monica teased as she rested a single-manicured hand on the railing.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Felix replied with a lopsided smile.

Once the pair were upstairs in their room, Felix settled on the bed while Monica began to undress. A few moments later the pair were upstairs in their room and Felix had taken a seat on the end of the bed. Monica finished removing her jewelry and placing it on the dresser nearby before sauntering over. 

“Do you like my dress?”

Felix’s wandered over Monica’s figure, clearly more focused on her than her outfit.

“Yeah, of course,” Felix answered honestly.

Monica pursed her red lips, as though considering Felix for a moment before finally pushing each of the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders. The silk fabric slid down her body landing in a pool around her ankles revealing her naked figure as Monica reached up releasing her hair from its updo, letting her dark ringlets fall about her face. Felix seemed to become transfixed with Monica’s curvy, naked figure as she sauntered over her side of the bed.

The brunette settled herself comfortably on the bed with her back resting against the headboard and pillows. She slowly spread her thighs, letting her finger rub lazy circles around her clit. 

“Be a good boy and come here,” Monica instructed.

Without a second thought, Felix crawled between Monica’s legs with his eyes trained on her pink core. The corner of Monica’s red lips turned up in a smirk as she guided his head towards her centre with a hand on the back of his head. Using his fingers to spread her lips, Felix began to eagerly lap at her sensitive bundle of nerves before slipping a finger inside her. Monica’s warm, wet walls clung tightly around his finger as he began to curl the digit, letting the tip of his finger press along her G-spot. Monica let out a sweet moan as her back arched on the mattress.

“You’re so good at that,” Monica praised.

Felix kept his eyes trained on Monica as he closed his lips tightly around her clit watching as she gasped, letting her hips buck against his mouth. She used the hand on the back of his head to keep the pressure on the sensitive bundle of nerves as he continued to suck softly while his finger continued to thrust inside her. Monica’s thighs tensed, closing tightly around his head as she let her orgasm flood through her body as she gushed.

The brunette fell back against the soft pillows with a steadying breath, her cheeks and chest still flushed from her climax. 

“Take your pants off,” Monica commanded.

Felix quickly scrambled to his feet, untucking his dress shirt from his slacks and undoing his belt. Once his clothes lay discarded on the floor nearby, Felix positioned himself on all fours on the bed while Monica retrieved his favorite butt plug and a bottle of water-based lubricant. Monica situated herself behind Felix as she coated the tapered probe with the slick liquid, while he reached back to spread his ass.

“Eager aren’t you?” Monica teased as she put the cap back on the bottle, tossing it off to the side. 

The brunette used a single manicured finger to gently rub the lube over Felix’s puckered hole as Felix rested his chest on the bed, deepening the arch of his back. Once prepped, Monica lined the butt plug up with his tight asshole, applying gentle pressure until his sphincter opened allowing the tip to slowly glide inside him. The muscles in Felix’s shoulders tensed as he groaned and his hard cock twitched. He let his hand drop between his thighs, tightly gripping his shaft as he began to stroke along his length. The soft silicone toy continued to stretch him as Monica slowly worked the toy deeper inside of him until it finally sunk into his tight ass.

“Perfect,” Monica breathed as she admired the way the toy had settled inside him.

Monica clicked the power button and the toy buzzed to life, vibrating inside Felix so that it stimulated his prostate. With a quick swat to his rump, Monica made her way back over to the collection of toys in her side table drawer. Felix’s groans filled the room as he continued to writhe on all fours, jerking his solid member. 

After a few moments of consideration, Monica finally returned with a purple double-ended dildo and a black harness. Felix seemed to become almost mesmerized by his wife as she placed a foot on the bed beside him. With her pussy on display, Monica slowly worked one end of the dildo into her tight core as she watched Felix stroke himself. Once ready, Monica finally tugged the harness onto her hips, positioning the toy deep inside her. 

“Are you ready?” Monica teased as she wrapped her hand tightly around the base of the dildo. 

Felix opened his mouth invitingly and Monica guided the head of the thick toy between his lips.


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