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Squirting - What is it? What's the fuss?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

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Squirting, or at least talk of squirting seems to have gone mainstream these last few years. It’s all the rage! Which is wonderful! It’s another way for people with vulvas to enjoy their bodies, sexuality and pleasure. There isn’t nearly as much formal research on the female body, as exists on the male body and its various functions and sources of pleasure. So while unfair and yet another sign the patriarchy needs to GTFO - it’s a bomb ass opportunity to do some “science” at home, getting to know your body (or your partners) - aka it’s time for some sweet sweet squirting science.

ice cream by a girls vagina

First off let's settle the question - is squirt actually urine? No. Absolutely not, it actually tastes, and smells different. Squirt comes from the Skene’s gland - at the lower end of the urethra, so it consists of several bodily fluids, and while it may contain some urine, it is not just pee!

In my experience squirting is not the same with every experience. Similar to other orgasms, the experience changes in many ways depending on many influences. Comfort, hydration, relaxation, trust - in yourself or a partner, all play a role in your sexual experiences. So do your best not to march into the bedroom with one mission and one mission only. As with everything, the joy is in the journey. Some of my best squirting orgasms have come entirely unexpected during solo play, while at my most relaxed. When settling in for a self pleasure session, I like to set the mood a little. Candles, fresh water, clean and cozy blankets - and I like to put an extra one under my pelvic area for extra protection/easy clean up. For a long time I used a soft fuzzy bath mat - because of its absorbability - but eventually I upgraded to one of the waterproof throws meant for this level of fun.


Most vulva owners "ejaculate” or squirt from G-spot stimulation. But as almost any vulva owner will tell you - reaching inside yourself just to try and stimulate the g-spot is typically not a quick way anywhere other than discomfort. So set the scene, as with your

physical settings, allowing your mental, emotional and bodily self to catch up. So don’t be afraid to start with clit stimulation, and work your way inwards towards the G-spot.

Can everyone with a vulva squirt? Science hasn’t established this yet, so go forth and take science into your hands!

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Daddy Strap
Daddy Strap
Apr 22, 2022

Well written, I am a believer that all women can.

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