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The Wonderful World Of Tribbing With Fun Examples

If you’ve ever watched lesbian porn then it is likely you’ve seen two gorgeous women do what is often called “scissoring.” This is the most well-known version of tribbing.

Two people holding hands while sitting close together, wearing denim shorts, symbolizing intimacy and connection
So, let's take a look at a quick example.

Abby turned over to admire her gorgeous girlfriend who lay beside her. Jocelyn really was stunning and the dark ringlets that framed her face contrasted starkly against the white pillowcase. 

They had only just gotten into bed, aiming for an early night, but with such a pretty sight it was hard for Abby to focus on falling asleep.

“Are you asleep?” Abby teased as she trailed kisses over Abby’s neck.

Jocelyn giggled as her hand roamed over Jocelyn’s body, slipping under her oversized nightshirt to cup Abby’s full breast. 

“Not yet,” she responded playfully.

Abby got to her knees, positioning herself between Jocelyn’s thighs so she was facing her. The redhead positioned one leg over Jocelyn’s hip and the other under Jocelyn’s thigh as Abby sat up to kiss her. Jocelyn then wiggled forward with their legs intertwined until their sensitive cores touched. Abby could feel the heat radiating from Jocelyn’s centre as she rocked her hips forward, letting their pussies rub against one another. Jocelyn moaned softly against Abby’s lips as they slowly grew wetter with each movement. 

Abby bent her knee, trying to get a better angle as she continued to grind against Jocelyn. She pulled the brunette’s leg up onto her hip, hooking it over her shoulder as they continued to rub against each other. 

Suddenly Jocelyn began to buck as Abby’s clit rubbed over hers until they were both slick with their own excitement.

Tribbing is a funny word used to describe the act of one person rubbing their most sensitive area against another person’s body. For women, the grinding motion stimulates the vulva and clit, while men benefit from rubbing their cock against their partner. Tribbing can either be used as foreplay or eventually bring the participants to climax. This pleasurable action can be done by lesbian, heterosexual and gay couples.

So, let’s take a peek at a second tribbing example.

Jim pressed Clara against the wall, flicking on the hall light. 

After a long evening out with friends they were both happy to be home and eager to spend some time alone.

Jim dipped his head, pressing his lips against Clara’s as his hands caressed her waist, finally settling a hand on the small of her back. As his tongue began to explore her mouth, he pressed his leg between her thighs, delighted by how it caused her dress to ride up over her hips.

The sensation caught Clara off guard and she gasped at the feeling of pressure his leg provided. Clara gripped tightly at Jim’s shirt as she ground herself along his thigh, pressing it into her aching core. 

Clara continued to slide herself along Jim’s leg as they kissed, occasionally nipping at his bottom lip as she grew wetter. Jim responded in kind by pressing his leg firmly against her as she rocked her hips, finally dipping his head to kiss along her neck. 

Tribbing can consist of simply the grinding motion but it can also include penetration on occasion. 

This can be seen in our final example.

Peter moaned into Kyle’s mouth as his hand rubbed and groped at the growing bulge in Kyle’s pants. As his tongue explored Kyle’s mouth, Peter’s cock twitched inside his jeans, aching to be let out of the denim confines.

Finally, Peter spun Kyle around, pressing a hand firmly into his back and bending him over the bed. Without missing a beat Kyle undid his pants, yanking his clothes off as Peter retrieved the bottle of lube from the bedside table. 

Peter’s jeans and boxers hit the floor before squirting a dollop of the lubricant on his hand. He began to spread the slick liquid over his hard cock while stroking himself. With his cock lubricated, Peter focused on Kyle’s plump behind, rubbing his cock over his boyfriend's ass. He used his hand to press his hard shaft more firmly against Kyle’s soft ass. 

With his free hand, Peter slowly began to probe a lubed finger against Kyle’s puckered sphincter. Kyle moaned, reaching down to stroke his own erection as his ass slowly stretched around Peter’s finger.

Tribbing is a pleasurable experience that can be customized to suit you and your partner. It can also be a great chance to slow down the pace and focus more on the pleasurable sensations than reaching your orgasm.

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