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What if one simple technique could cause a more intense orgasm?

Well, that is exactly what edging can do. 

Edging is the act of bringing yourself, or a partner, to the edge of climaxing before starting over again. This is done by changing the pace or pausing for a moment as the intense sensations slowly subside. Instead of the orgasm being the only peak in pleasure, edging allows you to experience the height of pleasure in waves each time you approach the edge.  

While this can be done numerous times before actually reaching orgasm, it does require a level of willpower that most need to learn over time. It’s best to start with fewer repetitions until you know your body a little better. 

Regardless of how many times you get close to the edge, it’s important to remember that edging is supposed to be a fun and pleasurable experience. Neither you nor your partner should feel frustrated or irritated by the process. If this happens consider easing up and reaching climax sooner. 

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can give edging a try.

Edging can be enjoyed during masturbation by both men and women. For some men, edging allows them to last longer than they would without any pauses, while women often enjoy the prolonged nature of the experience. 

However, this technique can also be used by straight, gay or lesbian couples to intensify their intimacy. 

Ties To BDSM

Edging is not exclusive to D/s dynamics and can be used just as effectively during more vanilla sessions. However, edging is popular within the BDSM community for its ability to be used alongside other techniques. 

This includes orgasm control or orgasm denial - A power exchange in which the Dominant partner is able to prolong the pleasure of their submissive until they are given permission to climax.

How To Edge While Masturbating

  1. Edging begins much like any other masturbation session. Feel free to do the things you normally enjoy if only at a slower pace. As you likely know yourself well, it can be easy to bring yourself to climax in a quick and almost business-like manner. Instead, the goal here is to enjoy yourself and let the pleasure slowly build.

  2. As you approach the edge change your pace to avoid orgasming or considering stopping altogether. 

  3. Give yourself a moment to mentally and physically relax at this slower rhythm. You have discretion over how long these pauses last and when they end.

  4. Once ready, take your time and slowly start to work yourself up once again. 

  5. When you are ready, finally allow the orgasm to rush through your body. 

If you are engaging in solo play, consider using a masturbatory sex toy that might help to challenge you even more. 

How To Edge With A Partner

  1. Edging sessions with a partner should begin with foreplay that both you and your partner enjoy. 

  2. Throughout the process be mindful of your partner’s reactions to each of your actions. Take note of everything from their moans of pleasure and changes in their breathing, to help you pace things slowly. 

  3. When edging with a partner, communication is essential. Feel free to ask questions to help gauge how your partner is feeling. Some partners find it useful to use a numbered rating system. Generally, level 1 is the baseline with a 5 referring to teetering on the edge. This method can help partners communicate exactly how close to the edge they are. 

  4. As your partner begins to near the edge try to ease off. Some individuals prefer to simply slow down, while others need a pause in stimulation to allow them to relax. 

  5. If you are using a number system, aim for when your partner is feeling at level 2 before resuming. Regardless, ensure your partner is ready before you slowly start to push them closer to the edge once again. 

  6. It is up to you and your partner to decide how many times you would like edge and when they are ready to climax. 

Keep in mind that edging with a partner may require you to learn more about them and their body. Be patient and take your time. Despite the learning curve, the rewards are definitely worth it for those who enjoy edging. 

This technique can be a simple way to intensify pleasure for yourself and a partner but it can also teach individuals to avoid rushing. Whether you plan to try it solo or as a couple, take your time and make sure the experience is fun! 

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