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Navigating Extreme Weather: A Note on Possible Delivery Delays

Updated: Feb 26

Updated February 26, 2024

Dear Mommys Toy Shop Family,

We're reaching out to you during a time of exceptional snowfall and cold in Edmonton, hoping you're keeping cozy and safe. The current weather has significantly impacted our operations, affecting our delivery schedules and our ability to serve you as we'd like.

Battling the Blizzard: Our Current Reality

While Edmonton is accustomed to the winter chill, the intensity of this season's snow and cold is beyond the norm. Record-breaking low temperatures have presented unique challenges, foremost among them ensuring the safety of our delivery staff and the careful handling of your orders. These extraordinary conditions necessitate extra measures on our part.

Delivery Delays: The Snowy Hurdle

The harsh weather conditions mean we must be honest about the likelihood of delayed deliveries. Our team's safety is our utmost concern, and we're continuously assessing the situation to avoid unnecessary risks. Consequently, some deliveries might be postponed, and we extend our sincerest apologies for any disruptions this may cause you.

Our Promise to You

Despite the hurdles, we're committed to minimizing any impact on you and ensuring your orders arrive as swiftly as possible. Our team is tirelessly working to adjust to these adverse conditions, striving to balance safety with service.

How You Can Help

Your orders and your patience mean the world to us, especially now. Should you have urgent questions or need help with an order, our customer support team is here for you. Your understanding and patience during this period are incredibly valued, and we're thankful for your ongoing trust.

Future Updates

As we continue to weather this storm, we'll keep you informed of any changes to our services. Our commitment to clear and open communication remains unwavering.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Mommys Toy Shop community. Please stay warm, stay safe, and know that we're here for you, working together to overcome these weather challenges.

Warmest regards,

Marie and the Team @ Mommys Toy Shop




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