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The Fetish Fantasy Portable Sex Machine = Instant Satisfaction!

The Fetish Fantasy Portable Sex Machine operates on any electrical current in the world. This compact and portable fuck machine fits easily into a suitcase. It features a universal power adapter to safely support multi-standard voltages in nearly every country. And, has a built-in surge protector. Hence, the global converter allows you to enjoy powerful and portable plug-in performance just about anywhere in the world!

Don’t let the size fool you. This ultimate portable state-of-the-art sex machine is built to perform! The versatile device features 4 suction cups and a travel handle. Therefore, users have endless pleasure possibilities. The USB-powered plug-in vibe is a two-in-one accessory. It combines external stimulation with precision controls. And, the cleverly curved vibe doesn’t just vibrate, it doubles as the multi-speed controller!

The smooth, rhythmic thrusting of the high-powered piston-driven shaft is programmed to hit the right spot every time! At the slowest speed, this Sex Machine offers 75 thrusts per minute. And, at the fastest speed, it’s 183 thrusts per minute.

This portable version is unlike any other!

Specifically, it features a pair of adjustable velcro foot stirrups. They allow the user’s feet to bring the sex machine closer to their body. Providing the most intense, hands-free stimulation ever imagined. The unit’s super-strong suction cups stick to nearly any flat surface. For instance, floors, tables, chairs, counter tops, walls, or tiles. Use the machine alone or with a partner. Indeed, let your imagination explore new positions you never thought were possible!

The International Portable Sex Machine includes two phthalate-free TPR dildos. In addition, these dildos are latex-free, and body-safe. They attach to the machine’s threaded pleasure piston shaft. To clean the dildos, simply unscrew the dildos from the steel shaft and gently wash with warm water and Toy Cleaner.

The International Portable Sex Machine comes in a convenient leather travel bag with a lock and Moist Keychain. The kit also includes free samples of Moist Body Lotion and Refresh Toy Cleaner. As well as, a free feather tickler and Satin Love Mask.

Finally, with no assembly required, this high-tech International Portable Sex Machine is ready to rock right out of the box. Simply plug it in (with or without the included adapter), strap your feet in, choose a speed on the vibe’s dial, and enjoy the most realistic sex machine ever created!

Measures: 6.5in or 16.5cm x 1.5in or 3.8 cm. Realistic Dildo 7.25in or 18.4cm x 1.5in or 3.8cm. Vibe 7.5in or 19cm x 1.3in or 3.3 cm

Fetish Fantasy Portable Sex Machine

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