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Deep Fantasies

This creature loves to make its home in warm, moist and dark spaces. Will you make a home for this denizen of the deep? If you do you will be treated to the most titillating of sensations as its suckers caress your caverns!

Small :  00-50 Medium

Total height: 7"

Usable length: 6.25"

Girth at head: 5.25"

Largest diameter at head: 1.8"

Girth at stalk: 4.6"

Largest diameter at stalk: 1.8"

Weight: 10oz


MEDIUM :00-50 Medium
Total height: 8.75"
Usable length: 7.81"
Largest Girth at head: 7"
Largest diameter at head: 2.42"
Girth at stalk: 7"
Largest diameter at stalk: 2.42"
Weight: 20oz


PriceFrom C$110.00
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