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Discover the charm of portable indulgence with our Shunga Mini Massage Candles, your travel-friendly companion for setting a serene mood or enjoying a sensual massage. Infused with delightful scents and crafted from soy, these candles offer dual benefits: creating a relaxing ambiance and serving as a sumptuous massage oil. Light up the candle, wait for twenty minutes to unlock its seductive, aphrodisiac fragrance, then extinguish and use the warm oil to pamper the skin. Formulated with a blend of 100% natural oils like Hydrogenated Soybean, Coconut, Sweet Almond, Safflower, Avocado, Sesame, Grape Seed, Vitamin E, and Canola, our candles ensure your skin remains breathable, smooth, and luxuriously soft. Each 2oz candle promises up to 7 hours of burn time, making it a perfect addition to your intimate moments. Visit and elevate your leisure with the Shunga Mini Massage Candles, turning any setting into a haven of relaxation and sensuality.

Massage Candle Mini, Strawberry Wine, Shunga

SKU: 697309046084

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