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Elevate your intimate moments with the remarkable Fantasy X-tensions® Vibrating Real Feel 1" Extension, the ultimate enhancement for those seeking to maximize pleasure effortlessly. This erection enhancer is crafted as a safe, cost-effective, and non-invasive alternative to pricey medical treatments and medications. It is designed to significantly enhance size and performance, providing the fullest, most satisfying experience imaginable. Ideal for men experiencing ED or performance fluctuations, this tool promises enhanced satisfaction for both partners.

The Vibrating Real Feel 1" Extension offers several impressive features:

  • 1-inch Extension: Increases depth for deeper penetration.
  • 33% More Girth: Enlarges thickness, offering a fuller sensation.
  • Ultra-Lifelike Fanta Flesh®: Provides a realistic feel, mimicking the softness and texture of real skin.
  • Powerful Waterproof Bullet: Intensifies the experience with strong vibrations, suitable for water play.
  • Ball Strap: Helps delay ejaculation and secures the extension in place, ensuring stability and endurance.

This extension is versatile enough to fit most sizes comfortably and snugly, enhancing longevity in performance. The soft Fanta Flesh® material delivers a natural feel, elevating the sensory experience. Whether used in the shower or spa, it transforms any setting into an opportunity for unforgettable pleasure.

Additional Product Details:

  • SKU: 411821
  • Brand: Fantasy X-Tensions
  • UPC Code: 603912345773
  • Color: Light
  • Materials: TPE, ABS (thermoplastic elastomer, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
  • Warranty Period: 90 days
  • Packaging: Box

Note: This product is not a condom. After use, cleaning is straightforward with antibacterial cleaner and warm water, ensuring it's ready for next time.

Fantasy X-Tensions - Vibrating Real Feel 1" Extension

SKU: 603912345773
Out of Stock

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