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Give into to your inhibitions and get creative with CalExotics Scandal Silk Rope!

The sensuous award-winning Scandal collection brings you 32 feet of extraordinary silky Scandal Silk Rope! Especially perfect for diving deep into endlessly creative restraint play and bondage sex. Surrender yourself to enhanced pleasure. Elevate your arousal with each wrap of this slender, multi-use rope.

Rope bondage is one of the most common erotic fantasies for both men and women. There is a strong allure for participating on both sides of the bondage fantasy. It can be incredibly sexy to imagine being tied up by a trusted lover, held captive in ropes while you are lavished in touch. It is equally thrilling to imagine having your partner bound tightly, looking up at you as you decide what to do to them next. For some people, it is the ropes and restraint that are so captivating. Others, experience a kind of freedom in being dominated and restrained. They can relax into the erotic experience and do nothing but receive.

Rope bondage is also referred to as kinbaku, shibari, Fesselspiele. Restrict movement, wrap, suspend, or restrain a person, with rope as part of BDSM activities. With this purpose in mind, why not take your fantasies to the next level? Get scandalous with this infinitely fun tie me up sex toy.

Bind wrists, wrap around ankles, create naughty décor. Explore uniquely sexy outfits for kinky and fun fetish sex. Hence, for couples looking to experiment with rope play and sexual bondage play, this silky rope is ideal.

Measures approximately 32 feet or 1000cm

Scandal Silk Rope

SKU: 716770089519

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