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Unleash Desires with Kinky Sex Toys and Bondage Accessories


Our alluring collection of BDSM toys and accessories is designed to explore passion, power, and submission. Dive into a world of thrilling sensations and intimate connections that cater to the adventurous at heart. We also offer a range of other products such as sexy lingerie, strapon/wearable and much more. Visit our store in Edmonton today!


Is BDSM Healthy? Why Embrace Kink?


People who try BDSM - understand it well. They're often outgoing and handle emotions and rejection better. BDSM isn't a problem or issue; it's just a sexual preference some people have.

There are many reasons to embrace kink, such as:


Exploration and Discovery: Kinky toys and bondage accessories invite you to explore new depths of pleasure and intimacy, pushing the boundaries of your desires.


Power Dynamics: Introduce power play and submission into your relationship, creating a dynamic that enhances trust and exhilarating experiences.


Sensory Stimulation: From blindfolds to restraints, our collection heightens the senses, allowing you to savour every touch, whisper, and sensation.


Customized Experiences: Discover a wide range of options, catering to beginners and seasoned kink enthusiasts, ensuring a tailored experience.


Tips for Safe and Satisfying Kink Play


If this is your first time indulging in BDSM, here are a few tips to keep it safe yet satisfying:


Clear Communication: Honest and open conversations about boundaries, limits, and desires with your partner are essential for a safe and satisfying experience.

Safe Words: Establish a safe word that both partners recognize to ensure that play can be paused or stopped if it becomes too intense.


Consent is Key: Prioritize enthusiastic and informed consent from all parties involved in any kink-related activities.

Safety Measures: Learn how to use bondage accessories safely, ensuring proper restraint and circulation to prevent discomfort or harm.


Discreet Packaging and Billing


We understand your need for privacy. Your order will be discreetly packaged, and billing information will be treated confidentially.


Embrace Kink Today


Ready to explore the realms of kink and bondage? Dive into our captivating collection of kinky BDSM accessories and choose the perfect items to add excitement and intensity to your intimate experiences.


(Disclaimer: All products on this website are intended for adult use only. By accessing this site, you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older.)

BDSM Adult Toys & Bondage Gear in Edmonton

Discussing intimate fantasies, especially with a partner, isn't always easy. However, BDSM can be a bridge to greater closeness and enhanced communication. Beyond just improving your physical connection, it's also a way to ease the mind's stresses. Whether BDSM is a new journey for you and your partner or a path you're familiar with, Mommys Toy Shop suggests that the proper accessories can enrich the experience even further. In our Edmonton store, you'll find an extensive collection of bondage kits tailored to make your intimate adventures even more thrilling. Book a visit or contact us to learn more about our extensive collection.

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What Is BDSM?

BDSM is a combination of different practices:

  • B/D stands for Bondage and Discipline.

  • D/S is Dominance and Submission.

  • S/M refers to Sadism and Masochism.

In a BDSM relationship, participants take on roles where one is dominant and the other is submissive. This means the dominant person has control over the submissive one.

While many think BDSM is just about intense, kinky activities, it's more than that. Yes, it can include bondage, spanking, or role-play, but it's up to the couple to decide the intensity. What's crucial in BDSM is mutual consent and understanding between partners.

Types of BDSM

BDSM offers various experiences, from sensory deprivation that limits one's senses to the thrill of impact play like spanking. Two major forms of BDSM are bondage and role-playing.

Bondage: This involves restricting movement using items like ropes or chains. Some love the sensation of confinement, while others thrive on the control.


Role-playing: Participants bring fantasies to life, from teacher-student scenarios to master-slave dynamics. It's a way to explore diverse power dynamics in a safe environment.

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