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10 things you can get delivered for your night at home in Edmonton

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Mommys toy shop logo of a purple woman
Mommys toy Shop Logo

showing womanizer inside out

Womanizer - Inside out

The Womanizer Inside Out is a clitoral and G-spot stimulator that is the latest in a series of beautiful, well-made and luxurious sex toys from the Womanizer collection. In addition to the original Air Pressure wave clitoral stimulation, the Inside Out also has an internal vibrator. With 12 intensity levels for clitoral stimulation and 12 levels for the vibrating shaft this beautiful stimulator is waterproof and comes with 2 silicone heads. 1.

no wet spot blanket
no wet spot blanket in green and black

No More Wet Spot Blankets keep your sexual adventures clean and dry! Both sides of this blanket are made from a very soft waterproof cool-dry fleece. With these blankets you get lots of wiggle room since they are generously sized at 50in or 127cm x 60in or 152.4cm! Designed to stay put and not slip from beneath you, make these blankets a perfect accessory for all your sexual escapades. When the fun is done simply throw the blanket into the wash however it is recommended that these blankets be hung to dry or tumble dried on a very low heat setting in the dryer. Inconspicuous and cleverly disguised as a throw blanket make these a must have for the bed, couch, chair, backseat of a car…you get the picture!

Made from 100% Polyester. 2.

2 inch extension to penis

Upgrade your pleasure tool and thrill your lover with jaw-dropping enhancement with the Silicone 2 Inch Extender. This erotic silicone penis extender is a great sex toy for couples, it adds a solid 2 inches of length with a gentle curved tip for maximized stimulation for her. While the supportive built-in scrotum strap and mesh sleeve provides increased stamina and erection support for him. The hypoallergenic premium silicone is body safe, unscented and phthalate free to keep your most sensitive spots, happy and healthy. Enjoy easy clean up with this maintenance free penis extender sleeve, simply wash with soap and warm water before and after each use. Use ample lubricant for easy insertion. 3.

Wand-er wand for woman pleasure

Thanks to the power of a total of 50 different vibration combinations, the Wand-er Woman will dissolve any tension it encounters. Choose from 10 different vibration styles and combine them with 5 intensities: whatever kind of vibration you want, the Wand-er Woman has it!

Wand Er Woman Purple XXL Impressive size, unbelievable power, it goes much wans please your clients from your Distributor Satisfyer , this vibrator massager wand purple and imposing size immediately shows its power. No less than 50 possibilities (10 programs x 5 intensities) to free the body of all its tension with a specific massage and powerful. 4.

7 items for woman pleasure

Intense Pleasure Kit Evolved Novelties

So, you're in the mood to get sexy with a toy. But wait! You're in the mood for vibration AND a little butt play. Maybe you want to warm up with some ben wa balls first. Perhaps your partner wants to get involved! What to do? While occasional indecision is an annoying fact of life, we can make at least one sex toy-related decision a whole lot easier. Evolved's Intense Pleasure Kit contains a total of seven pleasurable possibilities. Who says you can't have it all? 5.

Penguin clit sucker

The incredible popularity of the Satisfyer Pro 2 opened up an entirely new category of pleasure. All Satisfyer products pride themselves on being the pinnacle of satisfaction by offering touchless clitoral pleasure with beautiful designs. Using easy to control buttons, this intuitive toy is unique, safe, waterproof, and offers an experience like you've never felt before.

The handy design of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin especially impresses newcomers to sensual solo play with its cute shape and simple use. The curved head on this pressure wave vibrator creates never-experienced-before climaxes with 11 different programs. The rechargeable batteries make it ready for any adventure.6.

lube tube for injecting lube inside of vagina or anus

Package includes two pieces with dual handles for extra support. Pull up the heart-shaped trigger, fill up the tube, and press down for an exact squirt! Features: - easy to fill, dispense and clean - dual handles for extra support - removable cap to avoid mess - heart-shaped trigger 7.


portable clitoris suction device

With its revolutionary Air Pulse Technology, the Traveler by Satisfyer Pro sex toy creates a suction on the clitoris for penetrating waves of pleasure. Thoughtfully designed for discreet practicality, some features include: silicone construction, waterproof, and this clitoral stimulator even comes with its own case. 8.

black picture of a clit sucking machine

A whole new pleasure concept from LELO, the SONA sonic massager stimulates the entire clitoris - even the parts you don't see - with

eager, fluttering pulses, for a dierent kind of orgasm produced by the massage of sonic waves. It's a prolonged climax after a sensual

build-up, an orgasm that comes from somewhere deep within you. 9.


3 butt plugs in different shapes

When it comes to the Satisfyer Butt Plugs 3-Piece Value Pack for women, you’re really getting your bang for your buck! The value pack features 3 unique designs that will present you with varying levels of pleasure depending on which plug you choose.

The first plug is a classic design with 3 balls that increase in size from small to large. The second has 2 larger balls also increasing in diameter. The third design is a twisting spiral that becomes increasingly larger as you get to the base. There are support rings at the bottom of all 3 butt plugs that act as a safety stopper and ensure easy control. Each plug is made with a super-soft body-safe silicone material that will make your experience even more comfortable and enjoyable. Because of its soft-touch material, these anal toys are great for beginners and those looking to explore.

The Satisfyer plugs are very non-threatening and deliver a variety of options for novice users. However, these sex toys aren’t just for beginners! Experienced users can also enjoy these classic plugs and let their imaginations run wild with the endless sexual possibilities they possess. 10.


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