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Sex Toys In The Dark (MF) Glow In The Dark - Rose Rechargeable Suction Vibe

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The circular beam from the flashlight bounced around cutting through the darkness and illuminating different patches of the apartment. First, the empty living room and then finally the hallway as Laura’s petite frame disappeared into the bedroom guided by her phone flashlight. 

“Shit,” Aaron muttered to himself.

Abstract representation of intimacy during a blackout, highlighted by soft ambient light.

A nasty ice storm had caused a blackout across the city and both Laura and Aaron had been sent home from work early in the afternoon. Now night had fallen and it had taken Aaron nearly a half hour to find their emergency flashlights tucked away in a closet.

Laura took a seat on the end of the bed with a small sigh.

“What do we do?” Laura asked as Aaron continued to pan the flashlight around the room bedroom as though he might find the answer.

Laura fell back onto the soft mattress letting her dark hair splay out across the blue material of the duvet.

“I know something we can do without electricity,” despite the darkness Laura could practically hear the smirk on Aaron’s face.

Laura sat up, suddenly suspicious as she watched him make his way over to her side table. Aaron tugged open her second drawer retrieving a white rose-shaped item. It was her suction vibe. The soft silicone had a precise suction tip that was like no other toy she had ever used before. - Thank god they always kept their adult toys charged.

“Come on,” Aaron teased. “It glows in the dark.”

Making his way around to the end of the bed, Aaron stepped between her legs, placing the flashlight down on the mattress beside her hip. The beam of light angled up with the dip in the bed, illuminating the headboard and wall. 

Aaron offered the rose to Laura who considered it for a moment before finally taking the small vibrator.  

With a hand on either side of her waist, Aaron lifted Laura clean off the bed and she instinctively clung to him. As they kissed Laura looped her arms around the back of his neck and her legs around his waist, while Aaron’s hands slid down to the back of her thighs keeping her in place.

Only a few moments later clothes lay discarded on the floor nearby while Laura settled herself against the soft pillows. Aaron knelt between Laura’s thighs as she placed the rose over her centre. With a click the toy began to hum softly as it vibrated. The rose glowed a light blue in the dark room, illuminating Laura’s thighs in a pale hue. Laura slowly made circles around her clit, avoiding the sensitive bundle of nerves at first. 

Aaron leaned down, trailing kisses across Laura’s neck as his hand wrapped tightly around the base of his shaft, stroking along his hard length. Laura gasped softly, turning to allow Aaron better access to her neck as she finally placed the tip of the vibrator on her clit. The tip closed tightly around the sensitive spot, sucking as it vibrated away. 

“Oh my God,” Laura moaned.

Laura squirmed and her thighs tensed at the intense sensations, as Aaron slipped a finger into her centre. Her walls gripped tightly around him as she moaned, careful to keep the toy tight against her clit as she rode the waves of her first orgasm. 

Flushed and still trying to catch her breath, Laura’s hand dropped lazily onto the bed, still holding the buzzing toy. Before she had even had time to recover, Aaron had already spread Laura’s thighs apart, as he lined himself up with her core. Finally, he sunk slowly into Laura’s warm, wet tunnel. Laura moaned out as Aaron braced himself on the bed, rocking his shaft slowly inside her. 

“Use your toy,” Aaron smirked in the dim light.

Aaron throbbed inside of Laura as her walls clung tightly around him on each stroke, gripping the ridges of his members. The brunette hesitated for a moment before bringing the glowing flower down between them. The toy buzzed against her core briefly before her hand pulled back.

“I can’t,” Laura breathed. ‘It’s too much.”

One corner of Aaron’s turned up in a lopsided grin as he snatched the toy from her limp hand. He was careful to line the still rosebud up with her most sensitive spot as he continued to thrust deep inside her. 

“Is it too much?” Aaron asked mocking concern. “Or is it just enough?”

Laura’s moans filled the room as she dug her nails into Aaron's back, while the toy’s vibrations seemed to rumble through her. Aaron groaned as her walls clenched tightly around his thick cock, gripping him as she squirmed under him. Every thrust seemed to bring her closer and closer to the edge as the rose sucked and vibrated against her sensitive clit sending waves of pleasure through her body.


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