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A Birthday Surprise: A Romantic Erotic Story for Couples - Another kind of rose F/F

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It was that special day of the year, at least for Catherine because it's her birthday. This year was the first time that Catherine got out of work early and was ready to just spend a calm, cozy evening with her girlfriend Natalie.

Little did she know, her velvet-haired girlfriend had other plans for that oh-so-special day. As soon as Catherine opened the door, a pleasing smell of cinnamon and fresh flowers hit her. Upon entering the dimmed apartment, she soon found the source: her girlfriend was dressed in a beautiful black bodysuit with small details like rhinestones here and there, holding a bucket of roses in her hand. On the table, among some flower-scented candles, was a little parcel.

two women kissing passionately in a shadow with a heart and roses around them

"Oh my, this looks amazing…you're amazing,” Catherine said, amazed, and walked over, kissing her girlfriend who smiled happily.

“All for you, darling,” she said in a husky voice, already setting the romantic mood for the evening to come. “Go and open the present and get dressed for me. I have a surprise for you after that,”

Natalie announced, and Catherine gave her a small nod, walking to the table and taking the present, opening it and peeking inside. A gasp left her lips. Inside was the same bodysuit that Natalie had on, just in a romantic red tone, which would look amazing with Catherine’s dark hair.

She didn't hesitate another second and hurried to the bedroom, changing and coming back out, both of them now matching. “Now I look just as beautiful as you," Catherine said and walked over, kissing the velvet-haired woman deeply, maybe a little too deep as she could feel the atmosphere and mood affect her greatly, a slight horniness rushing through her body. Natalie seemed to pick up on that through the eager kiss. Their lips weren’t apart from each other more than necessary, gasping breaths filling the air together with the tempting sounds that made Catherine's hands travel, light teasing hands moved from Natalie's cheek over her collarbone and further to her chest, giving it a slight squeeze, before finding her nipple with ease through the fabric and letting her thumb circle it, which received a moan from Natalie and a gasp from the horny Catherine.

“Seems like I got you just where I wanted you now,” she said with a grin, only to receive a confused look from the dark-haired beauty. Without another word, Natalie reached out with the bouquet of roses and, of course, Catherine noticed that one didn't look like the others. Taking it out from between the flowers, a blush covered her face. “This is…” she couldn't say much more as their lips met again, the remaining flowers were placed on the table, and Natalie held around Catherine’s waist, leading her over to the sofa in the living room, their lips only parting when necessary.

The black-haired woman moved to half sit, half lie down on the sofa, her whole body burning with lust as she looked up at her girlfriend with a tempting smile. From now on, not many words were needed. The velvet head soon moved from the other's lips over to the cheeks and over the jaw to the neck where she started leaving small love marks along the way, which Catherine didn’t seem to mind. Instead, she received small moans from the pleasurable contact. The rest of her body also reacted as her pussy started to get damp and moist. Natalie moved her hand along her girlfriend’s body, wanting to explore the body that belonged to her, the body that she hoped she would spend the rest of her life with. Pale hands found the other's chest, only the red lingerie preventing her hand from direct body contact. Just like Catherine earlier, Natalie found the other nipple with ease and, instead of going slow, she put the other's nipple between her index and thumb and gave it a loving squeeze while biting down on the other's neck, which received a gasping squeal. Catherine's heart was beating like crazy, excitement, lust, longing, sex. All those thoughts and feelings ran through her mind, making her mind go foggy to the point where she just let it happen.

Natalie spent some time playing with the petite chest of her partner, eventually moving the fabric slightly away so that she could kiss the soft pink knobs and free her hand, letting it travel further down between the dark-haired woman's legs. Without even needing to ask, Catherine spread her legs, granting easy access. As Natalie's fingers went over the damp fabric, she couldn’t help but smile. She liked being the reason that her girlfriend was this wet and longing, almost frustrated that she hadn’t gone further yet. Natalie was struggling to hold back herself; she wanted to devour the black-haired beauty, coaxing out more moans, more reactions. So, she started sucking harder on the woman's nipples while her by now moist hand started massaging the other's slit through the fabric, which caused Catherine to arch her back, pushing her hips into Natalie's hand.

“Please, just…more, please,” the woman begged, and Natalie pulled away from the pink nipple.

“What an impatient girlfriend I have. You're lucky that you're so damn sexy,” she said, and while keeping eye contact, Natalie pushed away the thin red fabric and pushed her fingers inside the wet hole slowly. Catherine's eyes widened, and her hands tightened into the furniture, moans leaving her red lips as Natalie found her spot with ease and made a come-here motion with her fingers while moving them in and out of the other. Love juices soon covered the two fingers, and a wet squishy sound was proof that the black-haired woman did indeed like this treatment. Moving into a more upright sitting position, Natalie grabbed the rose vibrator and looked down, enjoying the view of her fingers entering her girlfriend, and especially the clear view of the little pink pearl that almost seemed to twitch with lust. Putting the opening of the air-stim clit sucker onto the throbbing knob, she pressed the button, and almost instantly, Catherine started moaning loudly in pleasure, her eyes rolling back as she lost all body control. This was beyond anything she had felt before. The waves hit her clit again and again, giving her no time to rest as the orgasm started building instantly, much to Catherine's surprise as that normally was a hard task. Her girlfriend’s fingers sped up slightly, which only helped with building the pressure between her legs. Her back arching and relaxing, her hips pushing into the toy and fingers.

“Ah, Natalie, just like that,” Catherine gasped. She could feel the orgasm approaching quickly, and she wanted nothing more than that sweet relief of pleasure.

Natalie watched her girlfriend and could feel the insides pushing onto her fingers, tightening the already tight hole while trembling and throbbing, almost feeling the frustration and eagerness to the thin walls of flesh. Another touch of the button on the vibrator, and it jumped up a notch, a little faster step. That was what Catherine needed; her head flew back into the sofa cushions as her whole body exploded in pure orgasmic pleasure, sending shakes and spasms through her entire body while loud moans filled the room. This incredible new feeling gave Catherine the strongest orgasm she had ever had, making her mind go blank to the point that she didn’t notice the large amount of love juice that started covering Natalie's hand. She watched her girlfriend ride out every wave of her orgasm and then pulled away her fingers and toy, leaving a panting black-haired beauty. Without a word, Natalie sat beside her and pulled her into a gentle hug, kissing Catherine's head.

“That was amazing,” Catherine said, whispering, enjoying the aftercare.

“It sure looked amazing,” Natalie answered lovingly.


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