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5 Sexy Valentine’s Gifts Ideas: What to buy the girl or boy who has it all

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

This Valentine's Day, you could gift the same old flowers and cards and candy, or you could take things up a notch with something a little more enticing. It's your call, really, but if you're leaning towards the latter, here are some presents that are sure to satisfy both of you. Wink.

"Using a sex toy with a partner is often a powerful way to intensify intimacy," Paula Pana of Peep Show Toys tells Bustle. "That is particularly true if it is the first time introducing a toy into a relationship. By communicating your desires and needs and then shopping for something fun together, the entire experience becomes a unique way to bond."

1: Silicone Invader Prostate Plug

A couples' toys collection would not be complete without this.

Intensify the pleasure you experience during masturbation, foreplay and sex and deepen your sexual satisfaction.

2: Futurotic Penis Extender

Offer your partner something longer and thicker this Valentine's! This sleeve made from Futurotic material will add girth and an amazing 2 inches in length. It is soft, comfortable and it stretches to fit. Give your lover the satisfaction they have been begging for! Take a look at penis extensions like the Futurotic Penis Extender from Mommys Toy Shop, and you will give yourself up to a couple more inches.

3: Vibrating Hollow Strap On Penis

If you want to give your sexual partner something long and thick in this valentine's day, a hollow strap-on may very well be the thing you may need. By using the Vibrating Hollow Strap On Penis you both get just what you desire.

4: Kinx Anal Beads - Heavy Metal

Trying to find more pleasure in your backdoor play? Kinx Anal beads are a good idea whether or not you’re just beginning, or even if you’re more advanced.

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Anal Beads. Enjoy more intense orgasms than you ever dreamed possible with the help of these strong, smooth anal beads. Pleasure Intensified beads are the ideal erotic gift for fans of the trilogy.

5: Cheap Thrills - The Roller Girl

Amazingly life like design means the ultimate in sensual pleasure. With this deliciously silky, plush experience, you’ll want more and more.

If you want to jack off in a fresh way, get an Anal Masturbator to make you feel good. The Cheap Thrills the Roller Girl from Mommys Toy Shop grabs you just the way you want it.


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