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A Glimmer Of Sparkle In A Grey World

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Pssssst.. What if i told you that you could get discounts, on the toys that you are already going to buy, by just making a video opening what you just bought.

Great! We are currently in need of unboxing videos of all our products, and that is where you come in. Take a video of you unboxing the product(s) you have purchased from us. Send us the video, and we will provide you with a coupon for free delivery or $5.(Coupon only applies for local delivery)

For the video to be approved, it must meet our criteria.

No background music.

No Nudity.

No commentary.

Video must show complete unboxing of the item, and demonstrate the size, texture, modes and vibration if applicable.

The unboxing videos will be showcased on our You-Tube Channel as well as added to each products respective gallery.

Submissions can be sent via email or through Facebook messenger (easiest method).

Please reach out, we are very excited to see your submissions.

coupon for videos



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