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A deep breath leaves my lips as I try to familiarize myself with the unusual feeling. My stomach tingles in a nervous but exciting way as I put the see-through lube on the tip of my finger. My whole body is tense, gasps of anticipation filling the room, and my nipples are standing pink and stiff against the chilly air. I have my legs spread and my back pushed against the pillows in my bed. This pose reminds me again that the mirror opposite the end of the bed was a good choice, as I can see everything.

My lower lips are already glistening in the damp light of the room, probably already preparing for the hopeful pleasure that is about to come, while my head is still scared. My hand travels down to the one hole in my body I still haven't touched before. My other hand moves to my breast in case I need to take my mind off the pain.

I can feel my lube-coated finger rim my tight back opening, tingles moving through my body as the new sensation is almost breathtaking. Moving my finger in small circles, I give in to the weird sensation, feeling the skin twitch under my touch as if it's expecting something. I try my best to look at myself in the mirror, wanting to see how my body reacts, probably because I have somewhat of a humiliation kink. My eyes are half-closed as my body shivers, my cheeks already having a slightly flushed red tone and lust written all over my face.

Another deep breath fills the room, and I push the lubed finger inside, feeling my tight opening spread until I reach the first knuckle of my index finger.

I am shivering as I can feel my hole throb in expectation and lust

But there is no pain, just that itch telling me that whatever I am doing is exciting and I should definitely continue.

I extend the remaining fingers slightly upwards, curious to feel the effect of this new experience on my body. My pussy is already wet, dripping almost as if it's drooling at the thought of having something else penetrated than itself.

I gently test out the new territory, my finger sliding in and out of my ass, lubing up the opening as I focus on that new feeling. I can feel my insides throb and the texture of the little bumps. Unbelievable that this is how I feel on the inside. It's almost mind-blowing and somehow I feel like I am bonding with my own body.

As the sensation of the in-and-out motion stops feeling unfamiliar, I continue my journey, pushing my index finger inside until it can't go farther. I gently bend it upwards. It's as if an electric shock runs through my body, making my back arch and a surprised gasp leave my lips. I can't pinpoint what exactly I did, but I just hit a spot deep inside me that gave me a new form of pleasure that I have never felt before. Taking a deep breath, I do the same thing again, pulling my finger out slowly and just a little bit before pushing it all the way inside me again. Feeling my walls throb around me, I bend my finger once more, sending electric shocks floating through my body, this time pulling a moan out of me.

This is addictive, and worst of all, I want more.

So I do what everyone would do. I take more lube and coat my other finger as well before pushing both against my craving hole, feeling how my ass spreads around my middle and index fingers. A slight stinging feeling makes me hesitate for a moment, and I take a deep breath, relaxing as much as possible before trying to push them further inside. Both my fingers are now about halfway inside of me, and this weird tingle is back in my body as I try to get used to the feeling of my ass being full of both pleasure and my fingers. Trying to ease the feeling, I simply move them in and out of myself, finger-fucking my ass while my other hand has made itself useful on my nipple.

Moans fill the room as I finally manage to push my fingers all the way inside of me, a proud and anticipated feeling following, coaxing me into the start of an orgasm. Even though I haven't touched my clit, I can feel it pulsating, my pussy juice mixing with the lube and wetting my asshole. At the same time, my in-and-out motion speeds up, and every time I bury my fingers deep inside of me, I make sure to bend them at that pleasurable angle, making my moans louder and my breath faster.

I can feel the buildup in my body as I pleasure my ass. I want to orgasm. I want to cum without having touched my pussy and find out how that makes my body feel. So I continue that motion, fucking my hole with my fingers as I squeeze my oversensitive nipples with the other hand, finding pleasure in the pain, which only helps me get closer to the edge of orgasm and makes my head go foggy. Soon nothing else matters as all my thoughts have vanished and my body is filled with electric shocks, butterflies, and tingles. My insides are throbbing, and I can feel them automatically tighten around my fingers. It's as if my body is forcing me to keep them there, forcing me to make myself orgasm with my ass. That thought is what's bringing me over the edge, and soon my body is falling, falling into soft foggy clouds while my body arches and turns my brain into mush, fireworks exploding in every fiber of my body, making me scream out my orgasm into the room.

It takes a while before I come down from that extreme high and pull out my wet, slimy fingers, which causes my body to shiver once more, but I am happy that the new experience, while scary, was fun, and hell, I will do it again. Maybe next time, I will try a toy during anal masturbation.


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