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Anniversary Sex (FF)

Two Girls Enjoy Each Other on their Special Day with Romance and Cunnilingus with Toys

Finally! Our anniversary. I had this whole day planned, cinema, café, shopping and home cuddles, and a nice romantic dinner. Then I got a message from her that she needs to work late, and all my plans started going down the drain. This had to be the worst first anniversary ever. My first year being in a relationship and the first year where I couldn’t see my girlfriend, the world is truly unfair.

I stopped drowning in my misery as I got a notification it was my best friend who conveniently enough was single and wanted to hang out. Well, it’s not like I had anything else to do until the evening, so I agreed. We spend the day walking around the city grabbing a piece of cake and coffee and talking, doing some shopping and then I headed home in the evening, I live in an apartment complex on the highest floor together with my girlfriend. The view there is amazing looking over the city. I love it there.

Heading up the stairs I shoot my girlfriend a message that I am almost home, and she answered. “Okay see you soon 😊” I smiled at my phone and got into the elevator pushing the button to the 15th floor and the ride started. Once the door opened at my destination, I stopped, looking at the entrance door. It was covered in pink cut-out hearts and rose petals were laying in front of it. I was of course confused and pulled my keys out of my pocket before heading over to the door and unlocking it. What I saw was even more surprising but oh so much more beautiful than what was on the outside of the door. The hallway that led into our living room was filled with flowers, candles, and rose petals, some small chocolate hearts laying here and there it smelled amazing like a fresh spring flowery scent and I could hear soft music coming from the living room. I quickly put my bag down and took my shoes off before I followed the music into the living room. I was so turned on as I saw my girlfriend in an amazing red teddy standing on the balcony surrounded by fairy lights, heart balloons, and roses on the table on our balcony with champagne, pasta, and chocolate. This was amazing I didn’t know what to say or do which made my girlfriend giggle.

“How did you? When did you?” I asked trying to make my brain function while I walked over to her.

“Did you really think I would agree to work on our anniversary? And it seems like Kyle was a good bite” she added giggling and now I was giggling too.

“I knew something was off as he checked his phone so often,” I said and held my beautiful girlfriend taking in her stunning appearance.

“I left something on the bed in the bedroom. Go check it out” she hinted. I quickly hurried off to the room. On the bed was the same teddy she was wearing, red roses, and a little teddy bear holding a heart. I couldn’t help but smile and lifted the teddy to look at it and get dressed, when I saw what was underneath it, matching red underwear and a new toy, it was the new rose vibrator and I quickly understood where this was going tonight.

After getting changed and getting my hair and makeup touched up I moved back to the living room where she was already waiting for me looking out over the city. I walked beside her and leaned onto her shoulder “I love everything of this thank you..”. My voice was calm and gentle as she kissed my head. We spent a little time like this until we decided to eat and spend the evening together. It was a wonderful evening filled with laughter and love, it made the time pass so incredibly fast and before we knew of it I was lying in bed underneath my wonderful girlfriend both only in underwear and kissing.

Not only kissing but making out, my fingers running through her hair and down before I move them over her sexy body gently moving down to the waistband of her panties and then back up. With a quick movement undoing her bra and with a little help it’s finally of and I can look at the shape of my I am sure future wife’s breast. Leaning up I kissed her boobs gently before starting to fondle them. In the meantime, her hand moved down to my panties and pulled them down as much as she could at that moment before I felt her hand gently cupping my crotch. Her index finger moved down and dipped slightly into my already damp hole before she pulled away from the kiss and smiled

“Someone is excited” she whispered giggling and I couldn’t help but blush “

Ahh well…you are just so dang sexy I can’t help it” I answer and she bites her lips “Hmm if that is the case, I am wet too!” she commented and I already knew what that meant. She moves to sit on her knees and quickly frees first herself and then me from the access fabric. She grabbed the new toy she had bought. In a matter of seconds, I had her pussy in front of my mouth, and she was leaning down already starting to play with my clit. I got my hands up and spread her ass cheeks before I buried my face in the tasty hole and gently started licking and playing with her pussy.

The vagina area of a naked girl covered with a red rose

Not even 2 minutes later we were all over each other, licking each other while burying fingers deeply inside moaning and gasping. I could feel her tongue all over my little pussy, two fingers inside as she hit my spots over and over. But I knew how she liked it too and started moving my fingers inside of her in the same rhythm as she fingered me while my mouth was eating her out. I know how she liked my tongue to lick around her wet tasty hole before sucking on the clit roughly. She loved when I did this, so I complied and did just that. As she got wetter and wetter, I knew she was getting close, and I can’t deny it but I was too. We both sped up gently rubbing our lower bodies into each other’s faces before we both gave loud moans and started shaking ever so slightly by the pleasure of an orgasm washing over us and a trail of juicy pussy juice dribbling from the satisfaction. We continued for a few more seconds before she climbed off me and lay down beside me cuddling.

“Happy First Anniversary-Next time let's bring in a third girl,” I say and kiss her head to which she chuckles “I'm Down.”


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