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Her First Taste

Updated: May 15, 2022

Girl Licking her lips
Photo Credits: Vladimir Gjorgiev

For years Zoe has fantasized about other women. Wondering what it would be like to squeeze another woman’s firm breasts, touch another woman’s soft, wet pussy, to taste her sweetness. For her to be touched and tasted. At night she touches herself imagining it is someone else, wishing she could feel another woman’s gentle touch.

Zoe and Julia have been talking for a few weeks, finally their schedules align so that they can meet. Zoe is nervous, she has never actually gone to meet another woman before with the possibility of sex on the table. She takes her time getting ready, searching for the perfect outfit to show off her curves and firm tits.

She arrives at the restaurant and Julia is waiting for her at a table. She sits down across from her shaking a little from her nervousness. Zoe can’t believe how incredibly hot she is and how turned on she is getting from just seeing her. Over a couple of drinks they talk, get to know each other better and talk about what Zoe wants to explore. Julia reaches across the table and runs a finger down Zoe’s cleavage, telling her how she wants to suck and tease her nipples and asks if she is ready to leave. Zoe could barely catch her breath to say yes.

2 girls tongue kissing
Image Credits : Mia Harvey

They arrive at Julia’s place and as soon as she closes the door behind them, Julia pins Zoe up against the wall to kiss her and slide her hand up her skirt. Zoe knew at that moment that wearing a skirt with no panties was definitely the right choice for tonight. Julia takes Zoe by the hand and leads her up to her bedroom. She slides off Zoe’s top and bra to finally get a good look at those firm tits. She takes them in her hands, caressing her nipples while she takes one into her mouth to softly suckle on it. Zoe can’t help but let out a soft moan. Slowly Julia lays her down on the bed, lifting her skirt up so she can have full access to the rest of her. Julia knows it’s Zoe’s first time with a woman and wants to take things slow but isn’t sure that she can, she wants to feel every inch of her. She runs her hands over Zoe’s curves and when she reaches her pussy, she slowly slides her fingers into her folds. She can’t believe how wet Zoe is already, she wants to taste her but doesn’t want to go to fast. She slides her fingers out of Zoe and rubs them on her lips for a taste. She asks Zoe if she has ever tasted herself. Zoe tells her no and she leans down and says now you can as she kisses her again. Julia slides her fingers back into Zoe, rubbing her clit as she pumps in and out. All the while sucking and nibbling on her tits, working Zoe into a frenzy. Julia feels Zoe start to tighten around her fingers and slides them in and out faster and harder until Zoe finally lets go and her body trembles. Julia isn’t done with her yet though, she can’t wait any longer and dives into her with her tongue. As she flicks her clit with her tongue she feels Zoe’s body tense up again and knows she is going to cum. Julia doesn’t let up and brings her to orgasm over and over again with both her mouth and hands. Zoe has never experienced orgasms like this from any man she has been with. She looks down at Julia devouring her pussy and the moment she does she explodes.

Julia moves back up beside Zoe and kisses her again. Zoe is nervous again as she runs her hand down Julia’s body, stopping squeeze her tits and tease her nipples while making her way down to another woman’s pussy for the first time. She slowly slides her fingers in, trying to navigate and figure out what Julia likes. She knows she has done something right when Julia lets out a moan. She continues to rub Julia’s clit and slides her fingers into her deep. Zoe feels her getting wetter and decides now is the time for her first taste. She slowly kisses her way down Julia’s body and stops to take a breath when she reaches her honeypot. Gingerly she takes her first few licks and she can’t get over how sweet Julia tastes. She goes in deeper with her tongue, flicking and sucking her clit until she feels Julia’s body tighten and knows she is about to cum. Zoe doesn’t stop though, now that she has gotten a taste she wants more. She brings Julia to that peak over and over, eating her pussy and fingering her harder and faster. Julia is now holding her head down so that she can’t stop. Julia cant hold back any longer and squirts all over Zoe’s face. As Zoe comes up she licks her lips slowly savouring every last drop.

As Zoe lays next to Julia again, Julia asks if it lived up to all of her fantasies. Zoe tells her it far surpassed any of them. Hearing that Julia pulled Zoe up onto her face so she could do it all over again.

Zoe knows this won’t be a one time thing now that she has gotten her first taste of a woman.


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