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His New Girlfriend

Sierra was conflicted when she first saw them together. She was hurt that he had moved on so quickly but also extremely attracted to his new girlfriend. She completely understood why Craig wouldn’t have passed up the chance to date her because she wouldn’t have either given the chance.

Girl with rainbow paint on her breasts
Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Sierra and some of her girlfriends were planning a girls trip to Mexico and one of her friends cousins decided to join them last minute. When they arrived at the airport Sierra couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her walking over to join their group. She whispered to her friends that she was Craig’s new girlfriend that she was telling them about. Seeing her again sent a tingle through Sierra and she hoped they would get to know each other very well on this trip.

When they arrived at their resort they couldn’t wait to get to the beach and get some sun and relax. They were able to find a group of loungers together and she walked up to the one next to Sierra and asked if it was taken. Sierra looked up and almost couldn’t breathe, seeing her, the sun hitting her just right in her bikini that showed off all of her curves and left nothing to the imagination. Sierra could feel her nipples tighten and her pussy dampen with her arousal. She gave her a little smile and Sierra wondered if she noticed the effect she had on her. She sat down on the lounger next to Sierra and said I don’t think we have been properly introduced. Sierra just smiled and said no I don’t think we have. I’m Shelly, they both just smiled knowing that they knew who the other was and that they had a man in common. Sierra grabbed her lotion and asked Shelly if she would mind rubbing it on her back. Feeling her hands on her, caressing her was almost to much for Sierra to handle. Hoping she wouldn’t notice Sierra reached down and rubbed her pussy a little while Shelly finished putting the lotion on her back. Sierra wanted Shelly’s hands all over her, to feel her soft skin on hers. When she turned around to thank her, she was almost sure that Shelly was aroused as well.

Later that night the girls decided to go out to one of the local clubs. Out on the crowded dance floor Sierra knew this would be her chance to get close to Shelly. Sierra came up behind her so that Shelly could feel her breath on her neck, she put her hands around her waist and pulled her close. She could feel Shelly push her body back into her as well. Was she right earlier, did she see arousal in Shelly’s eyes? Sierra couldn’t deny how attracted she was to Shelly and how much she wanted to be able to touch her and taste her. She took Shelley’s hand and walked her off the dance floor to a quieter corner of the club. They sat down next to each other and Sierra just leaned in and kissed her deep. She wasn’t sure how Shelly would respond and definitely wasn’t expecting her to respond the way she did. Shelly grabbed her face and kissed her back just as deeply. After about a minute the separated and just looked at each other, neither of them knowing what to say to the other about what had just happened. Finally, Sierra broke the silence and told Shelly she was extremely attracted to her and thought she sensed she felt the same. Shelly didn’t deny it but said she hadn’t really been with a woman before other than making out a little when they were drunk. Sierra didn’t have a lot of experience either but would love to change that. Sierra leaned over and whispered to her, I would love to fuck you and show you how great being with another woman can be. Shelly just looked at her and nodded.

They made their way back to Sierra’s room, she was the only one who had not shared a room with anyone because she had hopes of getting laid as much as possible on this trip. Although she didn’t think the person she would be fucking would be her ex-boyfriends new girlfriend. Sierra sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Shelly close to her, untied her halter top and let it drop to the ground. Getting to see her tits that she had been fantasizing about all day. She took one in each hand and gently started caressing them and playing with her nipples. She could feel Shelly’s nipples get hard from her touch and wondered what would happen if she took one in her mouth. Shelly’s breath hitched when she felt Sierra’s mouth close around her breast and felt her tongue flicking her nipple. Why did it feel so different than any man she had been with? While still sucking on Shelly’s gorgeous full tits, she used her other hand to unzip her skirt and slide it down for her to step out of. Seeing Shelly almost completely naked in front of her she wanted her even more. She knew Shelly was enjoying herself and was wet because she could smell her sex and craved a taste of her. Sierra started to rub Shelly through her panties wanting to tease her a little before she actually penetrated her. It was torturing herself though because she wanted to feel her wetness in her fingers and taste her sweetness. When she couldn’t take it anymore she pulled her panties to the side and slid one finger in, then two sliding them deeper into her with every stroke. Shelly felt weak, like her legs were going to give out from under her at any moment from Sierra’s touch. She had never felt like this with anyone before and had no idea why her body was responding this way now. Sierra knew she was getting close to her first orgasm and was just waiting for that release so that she could then enjoy licking up all of her juices. It was then that Shelly’s legs finally gave way and she almost collapsed when that wave ran through her. Sierra laid her down on the bed, spread her legs open wide so she could get a good look at her dripping pussy before she took her first taste. Sierra knelt in front of her and used her fingers to spread her folds, so she could suck on her clit. As soon as her tongue touched Shelly she felt her whole body shudder. Sierra knew it wouldn't take much to make her cum again and worked her tongue and mouth on her clit as fast as she could. It didn’t take long and she felt Shelly’s body quiver with the next orgasm. Sierra drove her fingers into her while she was orgasming which made her cum even harder. Feeling that wetness on her fingers she needed to taste her and moved to lick up her juices dripping out of her slick pussy. With her lips covered she moved back up to Shelly and kissed her, sliding her tongue in so she could get a good taste of herself. Sierra looked at her and said did you like that. All Shelly could do was nod. No man has ever made her cum like that especially Craig. He never did the things to her and fucked her the way that she really wanted and she knew that Sierra probably knew that all too well.

Shelly was nervous, she wasn’t sure she would be able to pleasure Sierra the way she wanted to. Sensing her nervousness Sierra took her hand and guided it to her pussy. Shelly slowly started to rub Sierra’s wet pussy and could feel her body respond to her touches. Feeling that she plunged her fingers into Sierra harder and faster bringing her to the edge. When her body let go, Shelly could feel the juices running over her fingers. Sierra looked and her and said I think it’s time you tasted your first woman. Shelly leaned down, Sierra could feel her breathe and it aroused her even more. Shelly tentatively flicked her tongue over Sierra’s clit but once she got a taste she wanted more. Her tentative licks turned into sucking and driving her tongue into her until Sierra came again. Shelly couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed eating pussy and wondered why she had waited so long to do it. They spent the rest of the night together fucking until they both couldn’t take anymore.

The next day they joined the rest of the girls for breakfast and they all asked where they had gone to the night before. They didn’t have to say a word and all of their friends knew what they had been up to. The rest of the trip they spent every day and night together, fucking and exploring each other as much as they could.

It was their last night of the trip and Shelly was dreading going home to Craig and their lifeless sex. Sierra wasn’t sure if she should tell Shelly how she was feeling and how much she wanted her but she couldn’t let her go home without her knowing. They went down to the beach and found an empty lounge bed, they latex there talking for a bit and then Sierra told her. Shelly didn’t know what to say, she never thought she could feel this way about a woman and she wanted Sierra too. Shelly leaned over and kissed Sierra deeply, Sierra took that as her cue and reached up Shelly’s dress to feel her one last time. Soon they were both naked and Sierra was eating Shelly’s pussy like it was her last meal, neither of them giving a fuck if anyone saw them. They laid there both spent and naked, Shelly looked at Sierra and told her she wanted to be with her too.

On the flight home they still couldn’t keep their hands off each other and Sierra fingered Shelly under a blanket for most of the flight, kissing her every time she orgasmed so that nobody would notice. When they arrived at the airport they walked out hand in hand, Shelly completely forgetting that Craig was going to be picking her up. When they saw Craig standing there, Sierra pulled Shelly close, kissed her and grabbed her ass to show him that his girlfriend was now hers! As they walked by him, Sierra looked at him and said……don’t worry I will look after her in ways that you never could.


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