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Improving Your Sexy Self-Confidence

Improving Sexy Self-Confidence

Love Yourself

Growing into your sensual self does not happen overnight. Especially in our current hyper capitalistic society, where so much of our sense of self is tied to our purchasing power, self sovereignty, or lack thereof.

If you’ve been struggling to live in alignment with your true, most sensual self - but feel constantly pulled out of alignment by external forces - you are not alone!

Let me break down the ways in which I have taken back my personal power, along with my pussy power.

I set boundaries. Sometimes they don’t look like much at all - like muting someone I find triggering on social media, so their influence can no longer sway my self sovereignty. Other times they look and feel big - like choosing to be celibate, or to pull back from dating.

I take time and energy to pour into myself. This looks like nurturing my mind, spirit and body through books, podcasts, meditation, other forms of spiritual practice, and of course eating as many whole fruits, and vegetables as possible in a balanced diet, while also mindfully moving my body on a regular basis. Stretching, breathing exercises, and time in nature all help me stay grounded and actually in my body - rather than letting fear and anxiety take me out of it.

I affirm myself! Sticky notes on bathroom mirrors, affirmations stuck on doors, and a daily practice of journaling my goals, gratitude's and areas in which I am celebrating my improvements.

Make an effort to feel sexy in your own skin. For no one other than you. Throw on some lace, fishnet, lipstick… Whatever you feel spicy and delicious in. Then take the time to enjoy your own beauty, whether through mirrors, or selfies.

Practice celebrating your own body. The ways it moves, where its firm, where its jiggly. Caress your own skin with the care and devotion you wish a lover would. In other words - become your own lover. Learn your curves, your sensitive zones, where you prefer a firm touch to a light one. The more thoroughly you understand and enjoy your own body, the more fun it becomes when it is time to share it with another person.

All of these practices lead to a more integrated sexual and sensual self. Learning yourself, and your levels of comfort and consent in various scenarios is the first step in becoming a phenomenal lover to yourself, and when you so choose, with others.

Also keep in mind that you don't need to become an expert in all of these things immediately! Challenge yourself with adding one or more of the ideas suggested a week, and build from those. You'll be surprised at how quickly you feel like a complete sexpot!


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