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In All Her Glory

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

2 girls in lingerie sitting together
Photo Credits Dianis Graveris

It had been about 5 months since she had ended her relationship of 4 years and she was ready to move on but not with another serious relationship. Now was her time to explore and make up for four years of vanilla sex.

Nicole had been fucking Kyle for a few weeks now, he had opened her eyes to new things sexually and was getting her to step out of her comfort zone. He introduced her to another ”friend” Laura and it was with her that she had her pussy eaten by another woman for the first time and brought her first woman to orgasm. Both Kyle and Laura were somewhat into the lifestyle and kept trying to convince Nicole that she should come to a sex club with them.

Nicole kept saying no as she was a little scared at the prospect. Until finally one day she said YES. The day had come that they were finally going. Nicole almost backed out numerous times and walking in she had the urge to turnaround. Once in the three of them went to one room and got out of their clothes and put on their towels. Kyle and Laura took Nicole on a tour showing her all the different areas and many eyes followed them. Laura had posted that they were bringing a curvy newbie in and the men were waiting to see her and get to feel those curves. Nicole was so nervous she couldn’t even speak for the first 45 minutes, to try and relax her, Kyle and Laura played with her to make her cum and want more. It was then that they suggested going to the female glory hole. Laura went in first while Kyle watched outside to make sure the men used condoms and maybe suck a few cocks himself. Nicole stayed inside the room with Laura to watch her reactions and play with her impressive tits. After 7-8 men were done fucking Laura she asked Nicole if she was ready to give it a try. She was still very nervous but said yes. The two ladies switched places, Kyle strapped her into the restraints and the first of many men in line stepped up. Knowing that it was Nicole’s first time at the club the men were swarming to fuck her. After the first couple men Nicole started to loosen up and asked the next to fuck her hard. He stepped up and pounded her pussy until she came hard and continued until he came as well. She had taken 5 men into her and was ready for a much needed break.

The three of them decided to go to the showers and cleanup a bit. With her inhibitions lowered Nicole and Laura decided to put on a show for whoever wanted to watch, soaping each other up, sucking on each other’s tits and fingering each other. The men gathered in front of them on the couches, stroking their hard cocks, watching and wanting them. After showering the three of them went back to their room and started making out leaving the door open for people to watch. Laura ate Nicole’s pussy while Kyle fucked her from behind.

Men gathered at the door, watching and stroking their cocks. Some came in to ask if they could touch the women breasts, finger them and a few lucky ones got the chance. Laura and Nicole switched positions and it was then that Nicole ate her first pussy. Once she got a taste, she didn’t want to stop and brought Laura to orgasm over and over with both her mouth and fingers. After another short break they made their way back to the glory hole.

This time Nicole went in first and took man after man into her. In between Laura and Kyle took turns eating her pussy and fingering her. Laura also took a few men bent over while taking her turn at Nicole. After another 6 men had fucked her hard and made her cum over and over, she was ready to get out.

All nervousness Nicole had walking in was long gone. She never imagined that she would fuck 11 men in the few hours they had been there and she wasn’t done yet. Nicole mentioned to Kyle about wanting to fuck one of the men that was watching them in the shower. He wasn’t normally the type of guy she would go for but she couldn’t resist wanting to feel his huge cock inside her. Kyle went to find him and brought him to Nicole who was waiting in the room. Laura and Kyle left her to enjoy getting fucked hard and used. They closed the door but even with it closed she could hear the other men gathering outside hearing her moans and waiting to see if they would open the door so they could watch and maybe get their chance with her. Once both Nicole and the man whose name she didn’t know came, he opened the door and left leaving the door open a little so the other men could see her lying naked on the bed. A few men asked if they could have their turn but she said she needed a ”break”.

Then he approached the door, tall, dark and with a massive cock. He asked Nicole if she could handle one more and there was no way she was going to say no to him. He closed the door and locked it, reached down and plunged his fingers into her pussy hard and fast and didn’t stop until she came. He then slid his hard cock into her slowly at first as he wasn’t sure if she would be able to take it all in and then fucked her hard while rubbing her clit. She came hard squirting all over his cock but he didn’t stop. He kept fucking her and fingering her hard making her squirt over and over again. He flipped her over so he could take her from behind so he could smack her ass while gathering her long black hair into his hands and pulling it, to which she let out a deep moan.

To give her a moment to catch her breath he bent down to lap up her juices dripping out of her vagina and then slid into her again. You could hear Nicole’s moans and screams of pleasure throughout the whole club. She had never been fucked this good before and didn’t want it to stop. After about 40 minutes of fucking Nicole hard he thanked her and walked out. Kyle and Laura came back to the room as he was leaving and looked at Nicole and said “that wasn’t who we left you here with” She just shook her head no and said how could I resist fucking that. They looked around the room and could see her juices covering just about every inch and knew she had a good time.

As they were getting dressed and ready to leave Kyle asked Nicole if she would want to come back and her response was absolutely! Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would fuck thirteen men in one day but she did and had no regrets whatsoever. In fact she was looking forward to the next time to see if she could break that record.


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