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In Control? (MF)

I stood in the hotel hallway, nervously shivering in my dress and overly high heels. It was now or never. I checked my lip-gloss and the fit of my dress one more time, adjusting my breasts for optimal cleavage. Taking one deep breath and exhaling, I knocked. Waiting breathlessly, I heard nothing from the other side of the door.

Suddenly, it swung open. I gasped, startled. X paused for a heartbeat looking me up and down. Like a deer in the headlights I froze in a fit of fear, lust, and what felt like a dozen other emotions all at once. I heard the word “Hi” squeak past my lips and the next thing I knew his hand was around my throat dragging me into the room. Rather than guide me to the bed as I expected, he stopped just inside the room and pinned me against the wall using the full weight of his body.

My back against the wall, his hand wrapped around my throat, he kissed me roughly. Through a haze of lust I heard the hotel room door click closed behind me. I knew I was no longer in control of the situation, and that what happened next would be his choice. My heart jumped in my chest, the very real fear of being alone and vulnerable in a room with a man I’ve never met fully waking my entire body up. Immediately my pussy was hungry, slick with her own juices. I could feel the beat of my heart pulsing outwards from deep within, an aching to be filled up.

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Image Credit : Klara Kulikova

My body began to melt into his, my desire overriding my initial fears. He felt it too. I felt rather than hear him chuckle into my mouth as our tongues wrestled—seeking, exploring, tasting one another. His hand on my neck became more insistent, and without warning he pushed me down, black dress riding up as I slid my back side down the wall, ending in a precarious crouch. The heels I was so sure would’ve been thrown over his shoulders by now made me vulnerable, unable to swiftly stand, locking me in this—his chosen position.

Standing over me, he brushed my hair out of my face, smearing my freshly applied lip gloss with his thumb. My fingers worked busily at his belt. My big blue eyes remained locked with his, blinking up at him, panting hot breaths as I worked from my vulnerable position squatted on the floor, pressed against the wall. His freed cock was heavy in my hands, and rock hard. Heartbeat pulsing in my pussy, I rolled my saliva around my mouth and took him fully down my throat in a slurp. Ecstatic to have a cock in my mouth, I savored the taste of his precum oozing onto my tongue with every swirl around the head of his dick. Tongue toying with his piss slit, eyes never leaving his face, I saw his orgasm coming even as I felt it building in the balls I had in my right hand. A torrent of cum spilt down my throat but I made sure to hold some in my mouth. I opened wide and showed him the delicious load he had just given me. A true cumslut if there ever was one.

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Chris Barbalis

While X was weak kneed and recovering I hauled myself out of my weird crouch, legs half asleep. Before he caught his breath I had fixed my dress and face and was striding down the hotel hallway.

Cum on my breath, pussy juice squelching between my thighs and anxious to get home to the safety of my own company, fingers & toys.

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hot story

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