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Watch Me Fuck Your Best Friend (MMF) First Time Cuckold

Chloe pushed broccoli around, trying to appear interested in the food on her plate while her husband, Dan, discussed an upcoming fishing trip with his best friend, Elijah. Chloe shifted in her seat causing her red dress to slide up higher on her thighs.

Normally, she would have at least tried to participate in the conversation but her attention was somewhere else.

After weeks of discussion, they had finally agreed to fulfill Dan’s fantasy or cuckold action and Chloe was incredibly nervous about the whole thing.

Chloe’s husband had admitted that he wanted to watch his best friend fuck her. Dan eventually built up enough courage to ask and Elijah had enthusiastically agreed. Chloe had put on one of her nicest dresses, preparing a dinner for the three of them. Not that the meal really appeared to be soothing Chloe’s nerves.

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Elijah finished the last of his roast before taking a final gulp of his drink as he met Chloe’s eyes across the table. 

“Are you ready to go upstairs?” He asked.

Dan stood up, stacking each of their plates on top of one another as he explained that he would clear the table while Elijah and Chloe got comfortable upstairs. 

Once upstairs alone, Elijah hooked an arm around her, pressing his hand firmly into the small of her back as he pressed her petite figure against his. 

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

The question caused goosebumps to erupt across her sensitive skin but still she nodded. Secretly, Chloe craved this almost as much as her husband did. 

Elijah dipped his head, pressing his lips against Chloe’s. As she relaxed into the kiss, parting her lips for Elijah’s tongue, his hand found her plump backside. Elijah used his grip to lift her up and Chloe wrapped her legs around him, ignoring how her dress rode up around her hips. He turned, taking a seat on the edge of the bed and Chloe broke away from the kiss to tug his shirt off. As the black shirt landed on the floor, Dan entered the door and Chloe tensed up nervously.

“Oh, perfect time,” Elijah teased. “You can help get her ready.”

Within seconds the rest of Elijah’s clothes, along with Chloe’s dress and panties, had joined the shirt on the floor. Now naked she followed Elijah’s instructions as she positioned herself on all fours on the bed while Elijah stepped in front of her. His hand wrapped tightly around the base of his cock, stroking slowly along his hard shaft.

Dan didn’t hesitate for even a second as he gripped Chloe’s hips, burying his tongue into her core from behind. Her moans began to fill the room as Elijah positioned the head of his cock at Chloe’s open mouth, slowly sliding in along her wet tongue. To her credit, Chloe began to suck enthusiastically on his length as her husband continued to lick at her sensitive clit. 

“Good girl,” Elijah encouraged as he placed a heavy hand on the back of her head.

As Chloe gagged on Elijah’s cock, her husband slowly readied her to be used by his best friend. Dan diligently worked his finger into her tight hole, feeling her muscles grip tightly around his digit. Finally, after Chloe’s chin was dripping with strings of saliva, Elijah finally stepped back, making his way around to her voluptuous backside, still stroking his slick cock.

“Go get her vibrator or something,” Elijah said impatiently.

Julie excitedly reached back to spread her ass, widening her stance as John lined himself up with her hips.

Maybe we are taking this too far? Chloe wondered as she glanced over to where her husband stood near the bedside table. As Elijah groaned, pressing his member against her wet slit, Dan retrieved her favourite wand vibrator from the drawer. A calloused hand closed on her hip, holding her in place, as Elijah’s length slowly slid into her depths.

It’s bigger than I thought, Chloe moaned at the realization as the muscles in her back tensed. Once she had grown accustomed to his size, Elijah slowly worked his way deeper into her tight pussy, finally hitting against her G-spot. Chloe moaned at the intense sensation and Elijah slapped her ass in response.

Dan stood nearby, still holding the vibrator in one hand as a solid bulge grew in his jeans at the sight. Without thinking Chloe reached forward, snatching the toy from him before pressing the soft silicone tip of the wand against her sopping snatch. With one click the wand buzzed to life sending ripples of pleasure through her body as she fell forward onto her elbow as she arched her back. With the new angle, Elijah finally sunk balls deep inside of her and Chloe clawed at the blanket with her free hand.

Elijah continued to pound into Chloe as her husband made his way across the room, spinning her vanity chair around to face the bed. As he took his seat he unbuttoned his pants, pulling his throbbing cock out. While he watched his best friend fuck his wife, Dan began to jerk his length slowly.

Baby, he’s so deep,” Chloe whimpered as she found Dan’s eyes. “Do you like watching him fuck me like this?”

Dan groaned at her words, tossing his head back, and his hand only seemed to pick up the pace as he stroked his shaft. The wand continued to send vibrations rumbling through her sensitive clit, only drenching her core further, as Elijah pounded into her from behind. Chloe’s legs tensed as she fought the impending orgasm that threatened to overtake her. 

“Cum for me,” Elijah punctuated the instruction with a slap to her round backside. 

Chloe barely had time to process his words as her climax suddenly flooded through her body in waves as she gushed around Elijah’s cock. Her muscles tightened around him as the slapping noise of his hips connecting with her ass filled the room alongside her moans. Still, he continued to fuck her, but his thrusts became ragged as his warm cum splattered deep inside her, filling her core. 

Without hesitation, Elijah quickly flipped Chloe over onto her back, displaying the mess of his cum that had begun to drip out of her. Glancing back over her shoulder as she tried to catch her breath, Chloe looked over to where her husband sat watching. Flushed and still breathing heavily, Dan met her eyes, his hand coated in his own cum.

“Are you going to come clean up the mess?” Chloe teased as she spread her thighs.

This was the part Dan had been waiting for and he jumped up, making his way over between her legs. Elijah practically dropped onto the bed beside Chloe squeezing Chloe’s breast and kissing her, while her husband licked his white, creamy cum out of her.  


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